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Nintendo addresses lack of money-printing console right now

Said Nintendo president Satoru Iwata this week about continued losses: “The result (of lowing profit expectations) will mainly derive from the decision to mark down the price of the Nintendo 3DS and sell it below cost, sacrificing our profitability for

At a loss: Nintendo still not out of the woods

Company lost more than three quarters of a billion last year and even announced more expected losses into this year. That’s to be expected from other console makers who lose money on new hardware in the first year, as they hope to

Sequel glut driving players away from consoles to more “original” games on iOS?

That’s what Gamaustrua analyst Matt Matthews suspects: The second point (of last year’s annual console sales) brings out is just how sequel-driven the top end of the market has become. Every game, with exception of Just Dance 2 and Batman: Arkham

EA still struggles on Nintendo consoles

Case in point: Tiger Woods will not be coming to Wii this year. This isn’t the first time EA has discontinued support for Nintendo. In fact, EA has largely had an unproductive relationship with Nintendo since the 16-bit wars, opting

Playing with power again: Nintendo having a heck of a run this holiday

After one of its worst years since the early ’80s, Nintendo is finishing strong these last couple of months by releasing really good games that are rewarded with strong sales. The company released the marvelous Zelda: Skyward Sword this month,

Nintendo turning the ship around in time for holidays

I have been and still am critical of the 3DS. But it’s good to see Nintendo lining their pockets during the holidays with record Mario, 3DS, Zelda, and even Wii sales. In brief, 3DS has surpassed DS sales for the