Nintendo turning the ship around in time for holidays

I have been and still am critical of the 3DS. But it’s good to see Nintendo lining their pockets during the holidays with record Mario, 3DS, Zelda, and even Wii sales.

In brief, 3DS has surpassed DS sales for the same period (although the former is not entirely out of the woods since DS started poorly). Super Mario 3D Land became the fastest selling Mario ever this weekend, helping to spur 3DS sales by over 300%. Not only is Zelda Skyward Sword the best single player game ever, it become the fastest selling Zelda ever. As a result, even the trusty Wii had a banner weekend, moving a record number of consoles at Black Friday.

Translation: Great games drive Nintendo to profitability. And Nintendo profitability in a down year like this one ensures we’ll be playing iconic Nintendo games for years to come. Hooray!