Kirby 3D? Swapnote? Which recent Nintendo announcement are you most excited about?

The end of the week saw a lot of tidbits flooding out of Nintendo regarding Mariokart, new eShop games and the upcoming 3DS firmware update. What did you think? Which ones–if any–got you smiling?

In case you missed any of the details, here’s a quick rundown of the highlights:

– Mi Plaza to be upgraded with Find Mii 2, more puzzles and geographical information about encounters. My reaction: Was hoping for more, here.

– Firmware update will allow up to ten minutes of 3D video recording, including timer settings for stop-motion animation. My reaction: Can’t wait to try it!

– Mariokart 7 to support eight player online play at 60 fps, eight player ghost races, a spotpass-active 3DS MK Channel, the ability to create communities of players to invite for races, player Miis with their own learned AI behaviors, and much more! My reaction: Awesome!

– Kid Icarus and Kirby’s Adventure coming to eShop as 3D classics! My reaction: Nice!

– Free “Swapnote” messaging system coming to eShop in December. My reaction: Looks fun, but…Nintendo’ll have to sell a lot more 3DS units before this really means much.

– Hulu Plus coming to U.S. before January. My reaction: Good; the more, the merrier. Where’s Youtube?

– “Nintendo Direct” added to Nintendo’s website to provide news directly to fans. My reaction: Can’t complain about more info.

Everything regarding the eShop and Hulu and messaging sounds…nice…but the Mariokart information makes the game  sound like the true blockbuster 3DS needs. Can’t wait.  Be sure to check out the new “Iwata Asks” video about the game.

So, what do you think? Were the announcements all you’d hoped? Which new feature are you looking forward to most?