More bad news: Nintendo net income at 30-year low

I didn’t independently verify this report, but if accurate, Nintendo’s net income is near a 30 year low, 27-years to be exact. Meaning Nintendo hasn’t made this little money since before the NES boom of 1985.

Holy, shnikes!

Although I’m no fan of the 3DS’at least in its immediate state’I take no heart in this. This is not good news at all for fans of Nintendo games, of which I very much am.

Of course, everyone gets down on their luck. It’s definitely not game over for Nintendo. But how much lower can it get for them?

Never before has their portable house been in this much disorder. And their Wii-follow up shown in June raised more questions than answers ’ never a good sign.

So what do you think? What must the company do to return to the gaming top?

Unless Wii U is insanely priced to sell, both games and hardware, I really have no idea.