More bad news: Nintendo net income at 30-year low


I didn’t independently verify this report, but if accurate, Nintendo’s net income is near a 30 year low, 27-years to be exact. Meaning Nintendo hasn’t made this little money since before the NES boom of 1985.

Holy, shnikes!

Although I’m no fan of the 3DS—at least in its immediate state—I take no heart in this. This is not good news at all for fans of Nintendo games, of which I very much am.

Of course, everyone gets down on their luck. It’s definitely not game over for Nintendo. But how much lower can it get for them?

Never before has their portable house been in this much disorder. And their Wii-follow up shown in June raised more questions than answers — never a good sign.

So what do you think? What must the company do to return to the gaming top?

Unless Wii U is insanely priced to sell, both games and hardware, I really have no idea.


  1. I think they forgot to release some good new games on time.

  2. Of course they haven’t made any money this year, they haven’t been releasing any games. But it’s not like they won’t bounce back, we already see a bright future with big 3DS games coming out every month for the rest of the year, and Skyward Sword. Let’s just give them some time to recover.

    Reggie recently said that he knows they blew the 3DS launch by having few games, and delayed support for its online features. And he says they won’t make those mistakes with the Wii U, and I believe him.

  3. It would probably help if the gaming press backed off a bit. Everyone has jumped on the Nintendo hate bandwagon at present, and it’s getting very old.

  4. They just don’t learn from history. They got arrogant again just like they did after the huge success of the SNES. They assumed they could put anything out & it would sell simply because it’s Nintendo. They have alienated a large part of the core audience who right now are sitting around with a dusty Wii that is waiting for Skyward Sword. Once I play through that I’m sorry to say my Wii is going to serve simply to stream Netflix. Xbox came out a year earlier yet at least every quarter there is one AAA title coming out for the system.
    The problem with the blue ocean is that those people have moved on to different things like smartphones & iPads. Nintendo can deny that all they want, but it’s true. The customer base just does not see the need to upgrade again or purchase another set of junk mini games. I’ll be pulling for Nintendo, I have my 3DS, but some humility & a better understanding of how the gaming population sees them right now is needed before this mess can be fixed

  5. Maybe they should try releasing some games for the Wii this year and start actually promoting their handhelds.

    Also, the video game fad when tied to a console/handheld is over. All 3 companies are going to need to adjust to this fact.

  6. Jeez, I hate to say it, but Called It?

    I mean, it sounds like I’m gloating, but if you know my history with this site and Nintendo you know it’s really severe disappointment.

    In the end, I’m in the same boat, Blake. Nintendo just isn’t interesting at all right now, and neither was what they showed at E3. It’s as if a completely different company emerged from behind the Wii/DS curtain.

    Hate to say it again, but, Nintendo never had any idea what it was doing or what it had in the Wii and DS. 3D is and will be a bust. The one-player-centric Wii All About U will be an expensive flop that is completely at odds with what this company was doing between 2005 and 2010. The 3DS Mario title will be the first one I will not buy.

    It’s really quite sad but the writing’s been on the wall since the 3DS (and to some extent the last year of the Wii).

  7. Bring another classic console. The next Gamecube. No silly gimmicks like motion controllers, because they limit their audience and alienate those Traditional gamers (which is still a Very high percentage).

  8. How is this even possible!? Seriously. I didn’t even realize Nintendo was in such a decline. It seems like just yesterday that the Wii and DS were “printing money.”

  9. Seriously this is almost old news, it happens every time the big N releases a new console or handheld. For the first few months there is nothing but poo-poo towards the new system. Then, after a period of several months, new, good games start pouring in. Those that didn’t adopt the system find worth in it, and it then begins to make its ground. That’s when the big n makes money.

    This happens every time, yet for some odd reason people don’t notice and start yelling at the beginning of every cycle. It’s almost as if people want ninty to fail. (seriously whenever there’s a negative thing to report about nintendo, people decide to jump on it. even if it’s really small)

    also @jack, you seem to speak with absolution. not to be rude, but you act as though the current state of the 3ds will be the 3ds’ constant state. Believe me, good games will come out (and technically are coming out, seriously am i the only excited for a new paper mario). And I don’t think that the wii u is going to be one player centric; the way i understood it, they are going to balance things out, making the wii u tender towards both “cores” of players. Remember it’s not you; it’s WE, you

  10. It’s simple. They haven’t released games at all lately. They’ve been working on new hardware, 2 of them. Few games for 3DS, fewer even for wii. It’s their own damn fault. I just hope all this work they’re supposedly doing behind the scenes means wii U will have a grand launch lineup.

  11. @nin How does a 27-year low happen “every time”? Doesn’t it only happen every 27 years? That’s the whole point. Things haven’t been this down for Nintendo in 27 freakin’ years, since before the release of their first home console! How is that almost old news? It’s unprecedented.

  12. Nintendo will have huge income to report by march 31st, 2012 once their fiscal year is up thanks to the 3DS price cut, their first party releases for the portable and Skyward Sword. All will be well by next year. Nothing to see here.

  13. This right after a news about NoA not releasing the games people want. Any surprises here? I say no.

  14. Nintendo has left me with dusty hardware too many times, no 3Ds or WiiU for me.

  15. @bb i’m not saying the 27 year low specifically. i’m talking about droops in their income and doom saying, besides this isn’t confirmed and is speculatory. this isn’t a sign of the death of nintendo it’s jsut a dip as per the cycle.

  16. They invested the motherload in R&D for Wii U and 3DS, and then the 3DS is being sold at a loss, and the Wii U isn’t turning heads to it. Couple that with releasing almost no games, and low sales overall of their “evergreen” titles which they hoped would support them, and you have a recipe for disaster.

  17. Nintendo really dug themselves a very nice and deep hole here. Making nothing much crappy casual games and only a few core games here and there. Well I hope this will make them wake the h*** up!

  18. I think this is a product of how bad the economy is. They are releasing new hardware at a time when people just don’t have the money to buy new systems. I feel like nintendo will get some more momentum once the holiday season comes round. 🙂

  19. Many in the gaming industry will talk about “silly” or “gimmicky” motion controls on the Wii, but it was a hit and sold a lot of Wii systems and this is good for the future of Nintendo. It is good because it introduced another generation of children and families to the great Nintendo franchises. In my example, the Wii was the first console I have owned since my Atari 2600. My children never had any experience with Zelda or Mario franchises… until they experienced them on the Wii for the first time. These franchises have been opened up to children across the world because of the Wii and the Wii will be their first experience for home console gaming. If the Wii did not have motion controls, I would have skipped this console generation (just like I skipped all of the other generations) and I would have remained exclusively as a PC gamer. Nintendo has a bright future with their franchises, but I they really need to think about new ways of game distribution and possibly (dare I say it), start releasing their franchises on Androids, iPads, Apple store, Steam, OnLive, etc….

  20. @gern
    Great point. An exciting idea (read: motion controls) resulted in inspired gameplay, which led to the discovering or rediscovery of charismatic Nintendo franchises. Same goes for DS, and the resulting inspired gameplay is key to bringing people in.

    The 3DS is the exact opposite. Stereoscopic 3D graphics haven’t lead to exclusive or inspired gameplay. As a result, it doesn’t excite people, few buy it, and Nintendo sees it’s net income drop to a 27-year low.

    For the Wii U to be a success, the concept must result in inspired gameplay, otherwise it’ll be 3DS all over again.

  21. I guess Nintendo will declare bankruptcy soon . Things are so bad for them. 🙁

  22. Thanks 3DS 🙁

  23. A lot of you people here seem all too eager to say Nintendo is screwed and that there going bankrupt, you seem to be feeding off of all this negative energy. Yes, there are no games right now, but all these good games are on the horizon. Yes, it looks bad right now, but its a little something called faith people! Maybe you should get some.

  24. What I just don’t understand, is that N doesn’t release titles like Xenoblade, The Last Story and Pandoras Tower in the USA.

    I mean, Xenoblade is already localized, they could take it how it is, they would just have to make it ready for the US NTSC…
    You know, I’m from Europe and I feel really sad for all the americans who can’t play these games and would like to do…
    In this case, it really seems like N is giving a …. on core gamers, if they really want to get the cores back, they should start NOW and not wait until the next gen.

    However… Let’s all hope things go well, I don’t want to miss the first HD-Zelda….^^

    And I don’t think that it’s that bad, that they will have to declare bankruptcy

  25. @Blake
    I disagree that it’s a lack of interest in 3D itself that has hurt the 3DS, because that feature is completely optional. That would be like saying that I’m not interested in buying an PSVita because I don’t like systems with rear-facing touch pads. It’s just not relevant overall.

    There were 3 significant problems with the 3DS launch. One was obviously the price, people just won’t pay $250 for a dedicated gaming device these days. The second problem was a long delay between the launch and the debut of major features, like the eShop, Browser, and Video service. And lastly, the biggest problem was they had no good games at launch.

    Maybe they wanted to leave the door open for 3rd parties at launch, maybe they just misjudged the type of games people wanted, but when you think about it, no Nintendo system has debuted without a major flagship title this far into its life before. The only new game they’ve put out so far that isn’t a remake of sorts is Steel Diver. That just won’t sell systems.

    Now that the price is lower, the system’s features are fully activated, and the games are coming, they’ve addressed all the issues from launch. People will buy the system once the games they want come out, and this holiday will be when the 3DS really takes off. I don’t think people will ignore all the great games: Mario Kart 7, Kid Icarus, Super Mario Land, Star Fox, Luigi’s Mansion, Paper Mario, Resident Evil: Revelations… all system sellers.

  26. looks like Infendo’s getting negative again

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