Nintendo Power publisher considering magazine closure

Realizing that print media was becoming niche, Nintendo sold the Nintendo Power publishing rights in 2007 to a British company named Future. Turns out, Nintendo Power might not have much of a future, at least in its current print form.

“United Kingdom lifestyle website and magazine publisher Future plc has long publicized its challenge in maintaining operations in the United States, but if recent statements are an indicator, the company may announce a major move soon,” reports Gamaustra. “In a note to investors ahead of the close of its fiscal year on September 30, company representatives said that a challenging quarter means that the company will not only accelerate its plans to transition Future U.S. to a primarily digital model, it is also now considering more drastic measures,” including closure.

That said, Nintendo Power boasts nearly 500,000 monthly subscribers, the most of any official console mag. In other words, under the right leadership, it’s more than capable of surviving, if not thriving in digital/app form.