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Bowser Named Best Villain By Guiness World Records Gamer’s Edition

Bowser is the villain that you love to hate.  Without him, Mario would be at your house fishing Matchbook cars from the depths of your commode. Bowser has made it his mission to make Mario (and Luigi) work to save

Mario Warfare!

  I posted this article yesterday on our sister site, but thought it was worth posting over here too. If you have seen the Mario Bros. Movie, then you know that a film adaptation of our favorite plumber can go very

Nintendo Says Super Mario Bros. U is What the Fans Want

Over the years, Nintendo has allowed Mario to evolve with the times yet still allow him to retain his original demeanor.  From his 8 bit humble beginnings, to his career in the racing circuit, Mario has transitioned nicely to the

Wreck-it Ralph could be the best videogame movie ever

With all the great game news pouring in from E3 this week, one game-related item has gotten a bit overshadowed in the shuffle: Disney has finally released some real film images and an official trailer for the upcoming CGI videogame

Mario Party 9 Site Updated

On March 11th, the 9th installment of the Mario Party series will debut to the public.  With a whopping 80 mini games, a co op and competitive play for up to four players, and the new boss battles, it is