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On March 11th, the 9th installment of the Mario Party series will debut to the public.  With a whopping 80 mini games, a co op and competitive play for up to four players, and the new boss battles, it is sure to keep you busy!  Sure there were just as many mini games in the other Mario party’s, but the way these mini games look seems like they will be outstanding.  Of course, I have not played it yet, but it seems to have a different feel to it from what I can see.

“Trouble’s brewing once again… Up to no good as always, Bowser has his sights set on the sky. With the help of a dastardly machine and the mischievous Bowser Jr. at his side, he’s managed to steal all of the Mini Stars from the heavens! Can Mario and his friends get them back?”

The first couple Mario Party’s were fun, but nothing special, at least in my eyes.   But I am pretty excited about the latest installment!  It seems to have a real Mario feel to it.  Have you pre-ordered your copy yet?

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  1. Whopping 80 mini games? Yawn. Here’s a breakdown of mini games per addition to the franchise:
    MP1 – 53
    MP2 – 65
    MP3 – 71
    MP4 – 62
    MP5 – 75
    MP6 – 82
    MP7 – 88
    MP8 – 81
    MP9 – 82

    80 isn’t all that impressive to me. I was expecting that after a five-year hiatus, the longest stretch without a game in its time, we would see a drastically-larger pool of games.

    Maybe I’m being nostalgic, but I have the opposite opinion of Essel. I thought the first games were extraordinary because it was a new concept peaking with the second game. Critics and reviewers tend to agree with me, noting a downward trend in scores over the decade. I’m very hesitant to pick this one up.

  2. I agree with Bill; in my opinion, the first four were pure magic (even though the first two had pretty much the same minigames) and the fifth had some ingenuity. The sixth one kind of lost me and a lot of people with the microphone…I never got to play the seventh. But the 8th? Oh man, I wanted to destroy that game in as many horrible ways as possible. It was such a mess. But I hear the handheld games aren’t that bad (well, the DS one isn’t. The GBA one was terrible from the ROM I had.)

  3. I do not understand why everyone is so against Mario Parties 4-8. They are all awesome in their own special way. Though I do enjoy the N64 Mario Parties, I’m not as crazy about them. I could even consider them inferior to 4-8 for a number of reasons I can explain if anyone asks politely.

    Of course I have high hopes. I preordered MP9…in September! Before a release date was even announced! That’s how much I love the Mario Party games…NO EXCEPTIONS.

  4. eh. its probably one of those titles I’ll pick up later on but I’m in no rush to get. Might even check it out before getting it at a launch even in town

  5. i love mario party 4 but 8 ruined it for me. That game was TURRIBLE!
    plus, whatc up with so many pictures on the front page all of a sudden?? thats what a break is for!

  6. @Ben: In my case, it’s because the first ones were really fresh, they were an experience never seen before. Besides, they were insanely fun. But then, I feel they just kept repeating the same formula over and over again, and that doesn’t appeal to me very much.

  7. @frstOne: Sure, the primary formula repeated, but no two Mario Party games are exactly alike. With the introduction of new elements (spaces, rules, items, etc.) and, more importantly, new boards and new experiences within them every time. I love that feeling of an unpredictable outcome.

    I’m not as big with the N64 Parties, I guess it’s because the controls feel unusual to me and that I never owned an N64 and didn’t start getting into gaming until just a few years ago (I have MP2 on VC) Owning a game console when I was younger was out of the question.

    I started playing the Mario Party games starting with DS in high school and 8 and 4 as I began college. I soon bought 5, 6 and 7 and the rest is history. I look forward to MP9 and its unique experiences.

  8. I’m probably not going to buy it, but I do admit the game has me sort of interested. There’s definitely more of a Mario feel to this one with the boards seeming more based on Mushroom kingdom locales, the boss fights with Big Bob-omb and the various others looking pretty good and the mini games seeming like they actually have some connection to the Mario series universe.

    Definitely an improvement on Mario Party 4 and 5, and probably 6 and 7 too.

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