Mario Party 9 Site Updated

On March 11th, the 9th installment of the Mario Party series will debut to the public.  With a whopping 80 mini games, a co op and competitive play for up to four players, and the new boss battles, it is sure to keep you busy!  Sure there were just as many mini games in the other Mario party’s, but the way these mini games look seems like they will be outstanding.  Of course, I have not played it yet, but it seems to have a different feel to it from what I can see.

“Trouble’s brewing once again… Up to no good as always, Bowser has his sights set on the sky. With the help of a dastardly machine and the mischievous Bowser Jr. at his side, he’s managed to steal all of the Mini Stars from the heavens! Can Mario and his friends get them back?”

The first couple Mario Party’s were fun, but nothing special, at least in my eyes.   But I am pretty excited about the latest installment!  It seems to have a real Mario feel to it.  Have you pre-ordered your copy yet?

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