What interview questions would you ask Nintendo?

In case you didn’t know, an upcoming episode of Infendo Radio will feature a special interview with Nintendo’s Kit Ellis. We’re planning on asking him about Donkey Kong addictiveness, in addition to upcoming Nintendo plans, which he’ll probably dodge like crazy.

Nevertheless, what questions would you like Derek and I to ask? Let us know in the comments, and we select the best ones for use in our Skype interview. Thanks!


  1. My Question would probabaly be:

    With Apple’s app store taking a chunk from Nintendo’s sales; what plans do you have for the digital distribution model of the 3DS?

  2. “What date is Nintendo trying to get the 3DS in stores for?” or something like that.

  3. Ahhh, just Googled “Kit Ellis”. I’ve seen this guy before, he is one of the best question dodging ninjas that I have ever seen. Then again, you have to be if you’re head of PR for Nintendo.

  4. With the success of the New Super Mario Bros Wii, is it possible we will get to see a new top view Zelda for the Wii as well??? Oh please god!!!!!

  5. I would ask: “Why great Nintendo-published games released in Japan – and some in Europe – are not making it to the US”?

    I would like them to address particularly games like Disaster: Day of Crisis, Fatal Frame 4, XenoBlade (or Monado, whatever they prefer).

    I feel these are games I would like to give it a try given the scarcity of these genres on the Wii (except by FF4, perhaps, as there are other good Horror games on the Wii – but certainly not good action/RPG games).


  6. I’d like to hear their thoughts on 3DS pricing. Do they think they’re taking a risk pricing it so high?

  7. Not a question but a statement. After you guys release the next Zelda right after I finish it release your next console. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

  8. To flesh out my question. I’m curious if Nintendo is moving from a console based company to a handheld based company. Does Nintendo think that the future of gaming is going to be handheld? If so I can see how they’d like to increase the price of the handheld so that they aren’t stuck at a low price expectation in the future. Or is this merely because they priced the Wii too low and they’d like to make more money this go around.

  9. Has the online structure of the PS3 and 360 encouraged Nintendo to rethink online for their next home console?

  10. Why does Nintendo not sell their game soundtracks on iTunes? No manufacturing or physical distribution required, and there’s certainly a waiting audience ready to pay.

  11. “How hard do you want to punch Michael Patcher and where?”

  12. Will we get Virtual Boy on the 3DS via a Virtual Console type of thing?

    Also, Can we please have Mario 64 in 3D on the 3DS – that would be awesome!!!

  13. My question would be:

    Why doesn’t Nintendo take suggestions and/or ideas for future games? What they call “unsolicited” game ideas.

    I think there are people out there (like me in particular) who have some great ideas for future games and would like someone in a powerful position at Nintendo to hear their ideas.
    Who knows? Maybe these ideas will become the next greatest game!

    Also, I second Richard’s question about the availability of video game soundtracks.

  14. “Will they work with Capcom for a Nintendo vs Capcom?”

  15. With phantom hourglass in essence replacing Zelda 4 swords DS, what are the chances of seeing that game finished on 3DS?

  16. Will last story come to the states?

    When 3DS comes out, will we see more interaction with the Wii ala game boy / gamecube? Wii/DS was limited to only demos.

    Square made final fantasy echoes of time That had cross platform online with Wii/DS. Any chance of a first party game of doing that?

  17. Why are there so few Wii motion plus games? First party especially. With Wii remote plus out now, is that a sign we will we see more motion plus games in the last part of wii’s life cycle?

  18. Well to kind of sum a lot of these questions up what more can you tell us about the 3DS, and the future of Nintendo, without putting your job in jeopardy? Thanks!

  19. “Why doesn’t Nintendo take suggestions and/or ideas for future games? What they call “unsolicited” game ideas.”

    I believe Nintendo has answered this question before. Probably has to do with the question of what would happen if someone’s game idea was actually used and became successful. You’d best believe Mr. Idea Man would come out of the wood works and start soliciting his share of the profit. More hassle than it’s worth.

    Anyway, I highly doubt that we’ll be getting any straight answers, but here goes:

    1. Does Nintendo plan to continue the Friend Code debacle with their next console? I think even most Nintendo fans would agree that Xbox Live’s Gamertag is a much more elegant and easily managed online solution. If Nintendo had an online system that was still free and didn’t require individual Friend Codes for systems or games, and possibly an online store that offered a bigger inventory of game demos, it would easily trump Sony and MS’s offerings.

    2. Will the Wii’s successor be HD-ready? 480p on the Wii was a nice option, but even the GameCube could do that. I don’t think the diehard Sony/MS fanboys will take the Wii 2 seriously if it still doesn’t offer true HD graphics.

    3. Nintendo has not done much to support its many real and rumored peripherals for the Wii — the Wii Balance Board, Zapper, Wii Speak, MotionPlus, and the (possibly vaporware) Vitality Sensor. Will there be an abundance of peripherals for the Wii 2 as well, or will Nintendo try a little harder to refrain from cluttering up our living rooms with barely used plastic accessories?

    4. Will Yoshi’s Island ever receive the proper sequel treatment on a console? I found both Yoshi’s Story and Yoshi’s Island DS terribly disappointing, and not true to the feel and design of the original. And with the success of DKC Returns, I think there’s a lot of potential for the resurrection of sidescrolling franchises on a more powerful HD system.

    5. It’s rumored that the 3DS will cost quite a bit of money at release. Will it go through the mandatory handheld redesign treatment and force us all to kick ourselves and spend more money as a newer, more svelte 3DS with additional features is released a year later? Or will Nintendo try to lay off the “minimum 5 facelifts” treatment with the 3DS and get it right the first time? In comparison to the many confusing variations of the 360 and PS3 out there, I appreciated the fact that there has only ever been one version of the Wii hardware.

    Thanks for setting this up, guys. I hope we can get some juicy tidbits out of this guy. Then we can try getting water from a stone!

  20. Where the hell is mother 3 or earthbound on the vc

  21. DSiWare hasn’t been successful as many have hoped for, especially with the lack of a Virtual Console. Where does Nintendo want to move forward with digital distribution with the 3DS? And will we see games from the NES or SNES being released on a Virtual Console on the 3DS?

  22. Use whatever options you like best.

    1) Where are the Earthbound games on VC, or more VC games period?
    2) Why no updates to the Mii channel since launch? We need more pieces to work with?
    3) Any hope of a Star Fox on the Wii and not just a 3DS remake of an old game?

  23. @EdEN
    Omg you made me laugh so hard. 😀 Today’s gonna’ be a good day.

  24. Will the next installment of the Super Smash Bros. series FINALLY surface on a handheld like the Nintendo 3DS due to the fact that the 3DS is getting to the point where it looks like it’s displaying 3D visuals and the kind of graphics we normally see on a console like Wii?

    Also, what are the list of launch games for Nintendo’s new VC on 3DS when the 3DS releases?

  25. @Ben: Accepting unsolicited ideas open up the way for lawsuits since someone could argue that Nintendo saw their idea, say thet didn’t like it and ended up using it in a game as if it was “theirs”. Establishing that you don’t want unsolicited ideas and that you will throw away any that are sent your way is a great way to get rid of this problem.

  26. Can Nintendo work out a deal with Microsoft to allow Rare N64 and SNES titles to be on the virtual console?

  27. STARFOX!
    ask if there’s more than just a port in store for team starfox!

  28. @Chelsea

    I think it goes without saying that nintendo’s next gen console will not be standard definition.

  29. “Are you a Nintendo fanboy?”

  30. I thought of one more great one.

    Will we ever see deals of the week on the Wii Shop Channel?

    Sega did one last year during Xmas time, I picked up a game I wouldn’t have otherwise, this seems like a missed opportunity given the popularity of Steam.

  31. @Chelsea: Nintendo has already stated that their next console will indeed be HD… but if you read between the lines that means it will display at 720p at most thus reducing costs. Displaying at 1080p and 60 fps would drive up the price of the console to consumers and 720p 60 fps is just fine for gaming.

  32. Ac,

    One would think that. Yet despite both the 360 and PS3 being HD, Nintendo chose to buck the trend, ignore the whole “loss leader” model, and keep the system cost low – a decision that paid off for them, even if it did anger some Nintendo fans whose HDTVs are being regrettably under-used. Also, with the GameCube, they decided to ignore online gaming as long as possible… and suffered for it, as the Xbox came to prominence with Xbox Live.

    Nintendo has such a reputation for doing things their own way, one never really can be quite sure what they’ll do. And with the runaway success of the Wii, they may be bolstered to go ahead and keep on doing the exact opposite of what people expect. I’m not sure that’s entirely a bad thing, but I think I’d be pleased if they stopped treating HD like a fad and got on board.

  33. When can we expect to see new entries in some of Nintendo’s niche, but high quality and strong franchises like F-Zero, Advance Wars, Fire Emblem and Pikmin? To be more specific, will we have to wait for a Wii successor to arrive to get the next/final entry for the current Fire Emblem tale that’s only graced Nintendo’s consoles?


  35. I’d probably start of with some fairly normal questions, but it would inevitably turn into countless Mother related questions.

  36. What there plans for the next nintendo home console are

  37. Nintendo acknowledges that they compete with smartphones, newspapers, and everything else in-between. The 3DS is not an actual smartphone offering, but how will it compete against the advanced services and low priced content on those devices? Besides offering meatier content, whats to stop someone from passing up the 3DS for the latest Android gadget and being content with the sparse, but meaty offerings from a developer like Capcom or EA while enjoying services that Nintendo either will or may not offer like an e-reader client or skype client for VoiP?

    Nintendo’s hardware has in the past been similar in design to Apple’s offerings and have often shared like design philosophies. what’s often been overlooked is that Nintendo and Google also operate on a similar frequency. Your lifeblood, the games, are the soul of what you do and the basis of any extensions and extra features in your devices. Is there any chance of a Google collaboration or any integrated services like Google Talk or Google Maps functionality for the 3DS?

    I hate to add all of the exposition before the question but I like to set a bit of context to help define where I’m coming from and where I’d like to go with my questioning. Plus I love Google Maps. I’m grabbing a 3DS and would be thrilled to be able to cache local info from it and use it to plan trips via car or public transit without being connected to an internet signal. Why walk around with bus passes or use a Mifi device when I can get the quickest route for something that doesn’t often change from something that I will keep with me.

    I have a crappy feature phone and would like to only use it for talking and text unless the 3DS will really become a smart pairing for Mifi. It doesn’t need to be an iPhone killer, but if it can offer compelling and relevant features alongside its’ content then it’ll be an instant winner in my book.

    One more question: Will Nintendo ever create an equivalent to Apple’s low bar App Store, Sony’s Mini’s or Microsoft’s Xbox Live Mini’s?

  38. Ask if he’s able to comment at all on this incident earlier this year.

  39. @Chelsea

    If anything nintendo would just go straight to 3d and jump over regular hdtvs. Reggie has already stated this as a possibility.

    Nintendo had relatively powerful machines except for this gen. That doesn’t mean that every gen hereafter nintendo will have the weakest machine.

  40. my question is , will there be another ssb


  42. AAA 2011 Lineup & Co-Op StarFox

    1) I am concerned about the apparent lack of titles coming out in 2011. Besides Conduit 2, Skyward Sword, and perhaps Pikmin, I do not see any high caliber exclusives on the horizon. Unless you can confirm that we will also be receiving The Last Story and a new Fatal Frame, these are not enough to satisfy our gaming appetites that have been so well fed in 2010.

    Are there more high caliber games that are in development for the Wii that we simply do not know about yet, or are we rightfully worried about the amount of great games that will be available in 2011?

    2) While playing StarFox, I always wished that my friends could control the other characters throughout the campaign mode. There were four Arwings flying out into battle, and it seemed natural to the design of the game to play it cooperatively.

    Has Nintendo ever considered including a cooperative campaign mode for StarFox, and can we realistically hope to see this feature in future StarFox games?

  43. when is wii going to get the first strike for call of duty black ops and if so will they get more

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