The truth about Miyamoto’s employment: Keeping seniority but making indie games

The revelation last week that Miyamoto was demoting himself to focus on smaller games was only half true. By now, most of you know the demotion part was “sarcasm lost in translation,” Nintendo says. But all indications suggest Miyamoto indeed wants to focus, if not work alongside, smaller and younger development teams within Nintendo, instead of the upper-level oversight roles he’s taken on in the last 15 years. (The lone exception, in my understanding, is Wii Sports, which Miyamoto directly made.)

The 59-year-old wonder kind told CNN the day after the PR flub that he is “tiring of shepherding each new entry into the franchises he dreamed up decades ago.” Instead, “I would like to try to do something which might be able to expand the boundary or the definition of video games,” he said. As for the scale of his next project, “Everything starts from something small whenever we are trying to find out something new,” he added.

That’s code for indie-game’at least it’ll start that way. Provided he comes up with an idea that warrants a lot more resources, however, you better believe Nintendo will bring out the big guns. Thanks, Brysson.