Impromptu Nintendo event has investors (and gamers) giddy


Nintendo announced an unexpected Japanese press event yesterday for Sept 13, two day before the Tokyo Game Show.

Following the news, the company’s stock priced jump, as investors expect Nintendo to unveil a revamped 3DS that day, reportedly one with a head-scratching second analog stick and a de-emphasis on 3D. (!)

Not sure if that would excite the masses. But who knows, Nintendo has surprised us before.

Either way, what would Nintendo have to show on that day to get you to buy a 3DS?


  1. Uh…

    A free damn upgrade to the new version for Ambassadors. I would seriously adore a second analog pad, though. If the add-on wasn’t too obtrusive, I’d be OK with the reported (rumoured) $10 price.

    Just…put it in Z.O.E 3DS….You really need dual analogs…

  2. Why is the dude in the picture missing the battery cover on his GBA? o-O

    Eh, I personally don’t believe the 3DS revamp rumor. I think that a new Starfox (non-remake) or a new F-Zero game is in order.

  3. Please tell me which investors “expect Nintendo to unveil a revamped 3DS.” This is a shaky rumor, not one that investors are leaning on.

  4. hmm I don’t know what to think of this but I mean seriously nobody at Nintendo during 3DS hardware development decided to put a second circle pad.

  5. This guy in the picture is one road bump away from having to start over.

  6. Nothing, I already have a 3DS. Sorry, just had to say that in regards to the question.

    More seriously, if Nintendo shows more Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7, Smash Bros, Paper Mario, etc, I’d already be happy. If they announced a new 3DS Zelda or Metroid game, I’d be even happier.

  7. The World Ends With You 2. Or Pokemon Snap 3D.

  8. Nintendo stated that they’re going to reveal an extremely huge game. Pokemon Gray perhaps?

  9. Honestly, Nintendo doesn’t need to do anything. What I need to do is get more money.

  10. They could release Animal Crossing for the 3DS.

  11. I honestly hope it is not a new revamped 3DS. I already paid lots of money for the one I have now, and I would not appreciate Nintendo pumping out a new one so soon. I don’t want a 3DSi looming over me. Now, an extra analog stick addon may be ok, as long as it doesn’t feel tacky like the golf club/tennis/baseball extensions that were for the Wii. As of now, Nintendo should stick with the 3DS they have, and really push themselves to make some incredible games for it. They already have a promising line-up coming, let’s hope this trend continues.

  12. I do admit that a redesign would make me more likely to get one, though I am sympathetic to the early adopters who have already had to deal with the massive price drop. I think Nintendo should wait until 2012 to announce this so they can take a little steam out of the Vita release.

  13. Why the hell is it that not a single gaming blog or site seems to recognise the significance of this date? Seriously now guys, shouldn’t this one be leaping out at everyone in the gaming media, especially specialist Nintendo sites like this one?

    Super Mario Bros was first released for the Famicom in Japan on September 13, 1985. Now what does the choice of that anniversary to make an announcement tell you?

  14. Oh wow, so many awesome ideas! The World Ends With You 2, more on Paper Mario/Mario 3d Land/Kid Icarus..a new Zelda. A new Metroid, yes please! Just looking at the fan made 3d Other M screenshots on the 3ds make me want it. lol

    tl:dr More games please 🙂 Also, I already have a 3ds.. and would buy another iteration if need be. I have a good job, and money to spend.. Bring it on. 😀

  15. Revamp my foot, is everybody ready for the Nintendo 3DS XL?

  16. Nintendo announces more new info on Wii U! 😀

  17. just release a 3DSNitro that has HD 720p like the hitachi 4.5inch 3D/HD screen and add another circle pad DONE make it abit slimmer and also make the camera at least 5MP or even a HD camera 4 AR games then u have the ultimate portable we have seen it can do graphics equal to Vita so if when u didnt have 3D on u get HD then the games would look better than Vitas in HD and equal in 3D/HD even offer a GPS/3G version 4 extra £30 in UK DONE best portable ever as with Night sky that wont be using 3D on eshop so if it was on 3DSNitro it would be in HD 720p on a 4.5inch screen wow.

    Although i do think its alright the way it is.

  18. Even though I paid $250 for my 3DS this year, I’ve been desperately waiting for a re-design. Because the current design is not that good. I want a bigger screen (mostly so DS & DSiWare games in their native resolution aren’t so small), a brighter screen, a case design that doesn’t leave marks on the top screen, longer battery life, and being able to save & quit without returning to the home menu.

    The only really good thing about the current design is the slider joystick pad… which is probably the best joystick I’ve ever used.

    But yeah. The 3DS needs a redesign bad. A 3DS XL would probably just about cover it.

  19. To get me to buy a 3DS? I think I’ve answered that one many times before: just lower the price of new portable games back down to a $20 – $30 price range!

    Oh, unless it’s a new portable Animal Crossing… Release that at any price and I’m buying!

  20. If Nintendo decides to drop the 3d focus of the product with a new 3d-less system, that could make for a cheaper system. $169 for 3d and maybe $129 for no 3d? Just a thought.

    Charging $40 per title is ok for me but when there is a majority of people out there complaining about it, I think Nintendo will have to take notice. I think first party games will have to max at $34.99 and third party should be maxed at $29.99.

    What will Nintendo announce? I don’t know but it better be something significant or they will lose more than the announcement will gain for them. (Too much hype)

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