Bad news for cheaters: Mario Kart 7’s getting patched!

Another recent Nintendo Direct highlight featured the announcement of next week’s3DS firmware update, adding home screen folders and patching abilities. Best of all, Mario Kart 7’s getting a much-needed patch in May — hopefully eliminating the infamous Maka-Wuhu shortcut.

Kingdom Hearts 3D is also scheduled for patching.

I think most players would agree this Kart fix is very good news indeed; cheating aside, Maka Wuhu is one of the game’s very best tracks. Now, if they’d just announce some MK7 DLC…


  1. This is great news. Maka Wuhu is one of my favorute new tracks but it’s been spoiled by cheaters.

    I’d also be up for some new tracks via DLC, d
    so long as it doesn’t start a trend where future Mario Kart games start with fewer tracks.

  2. I love the Maka Wuhu track but I always hated the shortcut glitch so finally there going to patch it.

  3. Awesome, now I can finally play mutliplayer again

  4. I’m on right now…and people are really responding to this. Over the past three hours I’ve had multiple different groups, and EVERYONE is picking one of the Wuhu tracks and doing the exploits. >_>

  5. At last: I wonder if we will see some new tracks in the future now that games can be patched.

  6. Bad news for cheaters…but good news for me! I can now pick Maka Wuhu in online races knowing NO ONE can cheat!

  7. This was bound to happen. From what I heard, MK7 online was not getting a lot of play b/c of the glitch. Kid Icarus was taking over. Now both will be option for fans.

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