Bowser Named Best Villain By Guiness World Records Gamer’s Edition

imagesBowser is the villain that you love to hate.  Without him, Mario would be at your house fishing Matchbook cars from the depths of your commode.

Bowser has made it his mission to make Mario (and Luigi) work to save the Princess.  Although he never wins, unless you gave up on the game, he is persistent.  He is a family man, an ensures his kids are involved in his life as he teaches them the family business.

The Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition has carefully monitored the most iconic video game villains, and the King of the Koopas has earned his seat at the throne.

When I first played as Mario in a video game, I climbed ladders and platforms to save the princess from an angry ape named Donkey Kong.  Never did I imagine that Mario would end up in a magical Mushroom kingdom saving the Princess from a large Koopa named Bowser.  From the day I first stomped on the ax and watched Bowser burn in the lava, I was a fan!

Congratulations to Bowser, King of the Koopas and King of the Villains!

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50. HadesKid Icarus
49. AtlasBioShock
48. Jacqueline NatlaTomb Raider
47. ShepherdCall of Duty
46. HerobrineMinecraft
45. Solidus SnakeMetal Gear Solid
44. DiabloDiable
43. Dr RobotnikSonic the Hedgehog
42. Dr Neo CortexCrash Bandicoot
41. Shao KahnMortal Kombat
40. Zoran LazarevicUncharted
39. TabuuSuper Mario Bros.
38. KaosSkylanders
37. WheatleyPortal
36. Mother BrainMetroid
35. GhirahimThe Legend of Zelda
34. Dr NefariousRatchet & Clank
33. XehanortKingdom Hearts
32. KesslerInfamous
31. The FloodHalo
30. The Locust HordesGears of War
29. VanitasKindgom Hearts
28. Darth VaderStar Wars
27. Dr WilyMega Man
26. Team RocketPokemon
25. Kefka PalazzoFinal Fantasy
24. PoliceGrand Theft Auto
23. ZombiesCall of Duty
22. AliensSpace Invaders
21. The ReadersMass Effect
20. NPokemon
19. ZeusGod of War
18. AlduinSkyrim
17. M BisonStreet Fighter
16. The CovenantHalo
15. Andrew RyanBioShock
14. Donkey KongDonkey Kong
13. Psycho MantisMetal Gear Solid
12. Albert WeskerResident Evil
11. Vladimir MakarovCall of Duty
10. CreeperMinecraft
9. Liquid OcelotMetal Gear Solid
8. InkyPAC-Man
7. The BorgiasAssassin’s Creed II
6. SephirothFinal Fantasy VII
5. Gary OakPokemon Red/Blue
4. GanonThe Legend of Zelda
3. The JokerBatman: Arkham Asylum
2. GLaDOSPortal
1. BowserSuper Mario Bros.
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