If I ran a theme park, it would be “Super Mario Country”


Universal Florida has the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Disneyland Resort will have the huge, amazing Cars Land in 2012. If I had my own theme park, you can bet I’d try to get the rights for a Super Mario Country. And, yes, I’ve built one in just about every one of my countless Rollercoaster Tycoon parks.

Passing through a toad-guarded gate, you enter a full-scale Mushroom Kingdom where, of course, a festival is in full swing. The Starship Mario theme drifts through the air as you discover several amazing rides and one great restaurant:

Super Mario Adventures: This enormous dark ride (as intense and turbulent as Disneyland’s Indiana Jones Adventure) begins in Peach’s Castle and whisks you off on a fast-paced, hilarious journey to rescue the princess from Bowser’s clutches. Along the hectic, twisting, surprise-filled quest, you’ll encounter amazing special effects and animatronics of just about every Mario character imaginable. Bowser would pop in to threaten you with a new sure-fire can’t-miss trap about every fifteen seconds. The exit, of course would deposit you directly into the world’s largest Mario-themed gift shop.

Bowser’s Castle: On this gigantic mega-coaster, Bullet Bill trains hurtle you over, under, around and through Bowser’s home base, avoiding bubbling lava, fire fountains, Thwomps and Chain Chomps.

Luigi’s Mansion: Luigi’s finally wised up and used his adventuring coins to hire YOU to clean out his inherited property. Armed with vacuum-shaped, car-mounted weaponry, your vehicle winds through the creepy, dark surprises of this Ghost-Blasters style ride.

MarioKart: Of course. How could we not have a go cart ride inspired by the classic franchise? It would be an epic one-lap rally race around a very long track full of special effects and water splashes as you motor through nearly every Kart environment you’ve ever played.

Yoshi-Go-Round: A larger, full-scale rendition of the ride seen in Super Mario Sunshine. It plays cool calliope versions of Mario game themes, but watch out: The Yoshis might start singing, and earplugs are not provided!

Koopa Scramble: A gentle, low-altitude coaster for kids too small for Bowser’s Castle.

Mario and Luigi’s Pizzeria: Yes.

I can easily picture myself spending a couple of days here riding until I get sick. That’s my Mario theme park land. What would you put in yours?


  1. I would rather name it “Super Mario World” 😉 But good idea nonetheless!

  2. This would be the best idea ever.

  3. I’ve often thought a Nintendo-themed park would be perfect. At least, there are already many parallels between Nintendo and the Disney universe. Epicenter would by Hyrule Castle surrounded by a Hyrule town with shops/food. A Super Mario World with various roller-coasters, go karts & theme shows. A Metroid-themed future/space world. A zoo/safari-like area themed Donkey Kong.

    People would go, wouldn’t they?

  4. @Danimal, You could have a kiddie area in the theme of Animal Crossing… minus the debt of thousands of bells.

  5. Kirby themed moon bounce.

  6. These are awesome ideas. I’d do anything to go. Maybe in the future it would be real…that would rock! I’ve had many ideas like that before. Especially like Danimal’s. I love Zelda!

  7. I do Virtual Theme Parks on YouTube. My friend LightWarriorK did a Zelda Park. Check it out:


  8. danimal, i have always wished to have that exact thing i was just thinking of some other major games that might be possible to add in. pokemon, and maby a wario themed part.

  9. wow thats an amazing idea, I would LOVE to go to theme park like that! I’ve been a HUGE mario fan ever since I was 4! And what could make this theme park even better is little stands here and there that sells fruit, just like in super mario sunshine ^-^ it would be fun & healthy. Also have a lot of fun water rides, that would just be so much fun, and too an outer space coaster similar to space moutain at Disneyland to bring super mario galaxy into it, you could also have the Characters come out and sign autographs for kids 😀 Thats how I always thought a Super Mario World theme park should be like

  10. I love your idea! I guess that these parks have a wonderful feeling to me.

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