Mario Warfare!

Mario Warfare!


I posted this article yesterday on our sister site, but thought it was worth posting over here too.

If you have seen the Mario Bros. Movie, then you know that a film adaptation of our favorite plumber can go very wrong, very fast.  Since suffering through the entire movie, I have dreaded another movie.

When i saw that a web series was being developed by  Beat Down Boogie, I went in expecting nothing but ridiculousness and regret.  Instead, I saw what might be the perfect premise for a new big screen adaptation of the gaming series.  The firs installment of the series introduces us to Bowser, The Princess, Shy Guys, and the best rendition of Toad that I have ever seen.

Part 1 of the series is only eleven minutes long, and left me anticipating more!  It seems that Part 2 is ready to post, however, the group of independent film makers have run into a small snag.  They have run out of money to keep the series going.  To help raise funds and keep the series going,  are turning to Kickstarter to help fund the project.

Check out the video below, and I bet you will instantly fall in love with the concept and beg for more!














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