New 3D trailers highlight great things to come

Six new 3D trailers have been added to the eShop, giving an updated preview of Super Mario 3D Land, Mariokart 7, Luigi’s Mansion 2, Mario Tennis, Paper Mario and Animal Crossing.

These titles are the reason I bought a 3DS, and they’re all looking fantastic. Luigi’s Mansion 2, in fact, looks like it may turn out to be the surprise super-charmer of the bunch.

Will the 3D enhance gameplay to any significant extent? Probably not. I don’t care. All I know is that the 3D makes these games look like living, breathing little worlds, beautifully modeled and charming as blazes. I love the effect. I’m particularly amused that, in 3D, the Paper Mario characters look flatter and thinner than they ever could in 2D!

Once I’ve gotten all these games (and my free copy of Yoshi’s Island this November), I truly will feel my 3DS has earned its keep. Hopefully, it’s just the start of a strong run.

So, head on over to the eShop and get an updated 3D look at what’s ahead! Which one are you looking forward to most? Don’t you wish the Mario Tennis preview was longer?

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  1. David says:

    Hey, I just downloaded those, too!

    The whole 3DS experience is pretty awesome and it isn’t getting the respect it deserves. Even the little flourishes of downloading a game in the eShop, for instance. The little store mascot character does some random stuff while the game downloads, even the little “beads” that drop into the downloading game seem to have a completely random pattern as to how they slide across the screen. It’s the extra mile that Nintendo went with these touches that really make me happy to be a 3DS owner from day 1.

  2. Skotski says:

    Indeed. It’s Nintendo’s nice little touches that really make me enjoy their consoles.
    …downloading from the XBLA and PSN Store feel very “just doing business”-like. Which isn’t bad at all, it’s just… I like the fact that even downloading something gets nice little, fun details.

    …then again XBLA and PSN have the advantage of downloading in the background. So one could download more than one game at a time, or simply play a game while downloading.

    If Nintendo could implement something of that nature to their consoles, that’d be lovely as well… perhaps have a PiP effect? Or a little animated icon on the corner of the screen? Something that allows background downloading but still having that nice little touch that makes even their stores just as memorable as their consoles & games (still love the WiiShop music).

  3. Nin3DS says:

    I just checked them out myself, and the trailer for Luigi’s Mansion 2 is definitely one of the better ones when viewed in 3D. I mean, the gimmick works so well for the game’s style and the haunted mansion feel of the thing, it really felt like watching a tiny version of Luigi walk through those mansions and as if there was depth.

  4. Skotski says:

    I’ve heard that 3D in trailers are nowhere near in comparison to the actual game 3D… so considering that, the 3D must DEFINITELY pop out (or I suppose, “dive in”) more for Luigi’s Mansion 2 than the rest.

  5. Sean says:

    Can’t agree more — anybody who thought depth perception was going to lead to enhanced gameplay was fooling themselves from the start. It’s a neat, unnecessary effect that’s a lot of fun when it’s done right.

    Sadly, many titles haven’t done it right, and have simply tacked it on the way many movies do. Not filmed in 3D, yet presented in 3D. Still, when the care is put into it, it enhances the game.

    I made my decision to purchase the 3DS when I saw the non-3D games trailers on the E3 show floor. I like the effect, but I didn’t care about it — these were simply the games I wanted to play. And here they come. I can’t wait.

  6. Brady1138 says:

    These, honestly, should have been launch titles, even if that meant releasing the 3DS several months or even a year later. I have had no desire for a 3DS until I heard about these, but there’s no current game to persuade me to purchase immediately (Except Ocarina of Time 3D, but I’ve got that on both N64 and Gamecube port)

  7. Skotski says:

    1) That isn’t the first time someone’s said that… we’ve all heard it, no need to repeat it.
    2) What console launched with an amazing selection of games from the get-go?
    3) …the only way Nintendo could launch all these games at once is if they delayed the 3DS for 2 MORE YEARS. …considering that all these titles are Nintendo property

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