luigi’s mansion 2

New 3D trailers highlight great things to come

Six new 3D trailers have been added to the eShop, giving an updated preview of Super Mario 3D Land, Mariokart 7, Luigi’s Mansion 2, Mario Tennis, Paper Mario and Animal Crossing. These titles are the reason I bought a 3DS, and they’re all looking fantastic. Luigi’s Mansion 2, in fact, looks like it may turn out to be the surprise super-charmer of the bunch.

Impressions: Luigi’s Mansion 2

Luigi’s Mansion 2 will be immediately familiar to anyone who has played the Gamecube original, which is a good thing. To dispose of ghosts, Luigi must surprise them with his flashlight which can be controlled by holding  down the strobe button and moving around the 3DS using the accelerometers. Once Luigi has them stunned, his trusty Poltergust 3000 is used to suck the ghosts into the v...