Infendo’s top 10 Wii games of summer



Klonoa (May 5)

As a proud Kool-Aid drinking member of the platformer club, I feel terrible about missing the earlier games in this cult classic series. But I will make it up to Klonoa, I promise. The upcoming Wii version of the series boasts “2.5D” graphics, meaning you move mostly on the 2D plane, but can jump in and out of frame or swing around trees using some cool 3D effects. Controls are simple too, as players hold the Wiimote horizontally and use the 1+2 buttons to execute Klonoa’s deliciously simple attacks. Add in the fact that the series is known for lush visuals and color—you know, that thing most games lack these days—and I’m sold to the point where I’ll have a copy for every room in the apartment.


  1. I think you miss tagged your pictures. 10 and 1 should be switched.

  2. Tiger Woods and Ghostbusters top my “most wanted in 2009” list.

    The Conduit looks great, but probably isn’t something I’m going to purchase right away. Is Muramasa coming out for Summer? It looks so beautiful, although I’m not sure the gameplay appeals to me that much.

    Beyond that, it’s just playing catch up. Mad World and House of the Dead Overkill are still on my list… I’d also like to pick up the latest Pro Evolution Soccer title because of the tight controls.

  3. The Conduit haves 12-person online multiplayer not 16.
    they changed from 16 players online to 12 for better balance/gamer performance.

    I am getting that game!!!

  4. I don’t know exactly when they’re coming, summer or not, but my most anticipated Wii games are on the VC and WiiWare. Meat Boy, Cave Story, Night Game, the original Smash Bros., Majora’s Mask… and I’m still hoping for Lost Winds 2.

    But I am wicked pumped for Muramasa. I think that’s September… which technically is still the summer, isn’t it?

  5. Yeah, James, the problem is that Nintendo holds the WiiWare/Virtual Console world in complete secrecy. It’s their major letdown, if you ask me. I’d love to be counting down to Majora’s Mask on VC on this site if we had any clue if or when it is coming out.

  6. Resident Evil: Archives releases June 23, which, although it’s a port of an old game, will probably be a good thing to have on hand. It might get lost in the summer shuffle, though.

    A couple of Q3 releases I’m very interested in are Cursed Mountain and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories.

    Then there’s the end-of-summer game in September–Mursama.

    I’m not a longtime Nintendo gamer, so I don’t get the excitement over Punch Out!

  7. ghostbusters looks great, no matter which platform you have, though i’m glad i’ve got a 360 b/c the realistic look appeals to me more.

    i’ll prob be stuck in lord of the rings online all summer, and get back into IL2- so I’m planning on a PC summer basically.

    btw- are these multiples pages things an attempt to increase page views and display more ads? is this what your new business manager recommended? it’s annoying, esp without a ‘next’ and ‘previous’ button.

  8. “i’ll prob be stuck in lord of the rings online all summer”

    Ugh, really? I’ve heard they actually have to pay people to play that. Are you making a profit at least?

  9. Let’s see, of the games listed:

    GhostBusters – Looks good, but I’ll probably wait until I can get it used.
    Klonoa – I don’t know much about it. Might be worth looking into it.
    Virtua Tennis / Gland Slam Tennis – I’m leaning more toward Gland Slam. I like the look of the game better.
    Let’s Tap – I’m not getting into this game at all. Think I’ll pass.
    Overlord: Dark Legend – Looks interesting. Might be one of those games that I wasn’t expecting, but still worth getting.
    Punch Out – I never played the original, but after hearing so much about this game, it might be a possible buy. Again, I’ll probably wait to
    get it used.
    Boom Blox 2 – Definitely will get this game. Loved the first, this one looks even better
    Wii Sports Resort – Can’t wait to get this game.
    The Conduit – I usually don’t like these kind of FPS, but I want to support this company, so it’s a possibility.
    Tiger Woods – Another game I think I’ll definitely get because of the new 1:1 controls.

    BTW, although I can appreciate and understand the new page format, I don’t care much for it either.

  10. Already reserved the Tiger Woods bundle. Anybody know if it has online multiplayer?

  11. @bbelt: It does!

  12. OK, this I just watched a video for this:
    This is definitely the game I am most excited for. I heartily agree with the write up that this could be a game changer. It looks to be an incredible game.
    I thought there was supposed to be a drought in the summer? How am I supposed to save up for the holidays if I’m blowing it all in the summer? I’ll be picking up one of the tennis games and Punch Out as well. Tans are overrated anyway.

  13. and just 6 months ago i was making fun of mmorpgs…

    but life has been so stressful recently that running dumb fetch quests with my friends and exploring the land and customizing my avatar is bizarrely relaxing.

    though if i get over it when exams are done, i’ll prob be back to gta4 and fallout3…. and IL2. only time shall tell!

  14. @deepthought

    Fallout 3 is like an MMO, except it’s 10x as awesome.

    Seriously though, someone make Fallout 3 online and I’ll never leave my house. …on second thought, don’t make that. I like the sun.

  15. def sean- i totally agree- fallout3 is amazing. i need time to play though! not going to have that till the summer. recently saw serenity and it really made me want to play again.

    also, i found old episodes of visionaries on youtube…. and that reminded me of fallout…

    right now though, running around online with friends is completely charming.

  16. The Conduit for me all the way
    I already have pre-ordered it!!

  17. The Conduit, Wii Sports Resort, and Punch Out!! are all that I will pick up.

  18. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 is at the top of most people’s lists… It should be #1 here!

  19. Oh, and by the way: what happened to the DS list?? For Summer fun, the DS will have ten times more games with high level of anticipation! (And you don’t have to stay indoors!)

  20. Looks like a decent summer list of games…..

  21. wow- the aint it cool ghostbusters preview video totally sold me on the realistic look.

    it’s like the 3rd movie i always wished was.

  22. Well for me its The Conduit (pre-ordered it already) Red Steel 2 (i like the art style) and a big e3 Nintendo/third party game sorry punch out not on my list

  23. The only game I am looking forward to is Little King’s Story.

  24. I’m looking forward to guilty Gear XX Accent Core plus. But that comes out on the 12th. Is that considered summer?