Infendo’s top 10 Wii games of summer


Klonoa (May 5)

As a proud Kool-Aid drinking member of the platformer club, I feel terrible about missing the earlier games in this cult classic series. But I will make it up to Klonoa, I promise. The upcoming Wii version of the series boasts “2.5D” graphics, meaning you move mostly on the 2D plane, but can jump in and out of frame or swing around trees using some cool 3D effects. Controls are simple too, as players hold the Wiimote horizontally and use the 1+2 buttons to execute Klonoa’s deliciously simple attacks. Add in the fact that the series is known for lush visuals and color’you know, that thing most games lack these days’and I’m sold to the point where I’ll have a copy for every room in the apartment.