Infendo’s top 10 Wii games of summer


Wii Sports Resort (July 26)

This title, coupled with Tiger Woods 10 and Wii MotionPlus, will finally bring the official change to gaming promised by Nintendo in 2006. Once developers (and more importantly customers) experience this technology first hand, the paradigm shift Nintendo probably wished it could have delivered right out of the box will have occurred. For example, when people pick up their virtual tennis racket or Frisbee and play, they will simply refuse’consciously or subconsciously, it makes no difference’to play these kinds of games any other way, ever again. So what if the Mii’s are adorable bordering on obnoxious and kiddie? I’m throwing a virtual Frisbee to my virtual dog here! And this is no ordinary accessory. As we predicted here at Infendo, high profile publishers will bundle the accessory with their games for $60, thereby eliminating the risk that comes with traditional video game accessories. The only thing that can derail MotionPlus now is bad software.