Infendo’s top 10 Wii games of summer


Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 (June 15)

“This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship,” said a famous someone on the tarmac once upon a time. It wasn’t about Tiger, but the message is looking more and more applicable to this game with each passing day. Put simply, Tiger Woods 10 for the Wii will be a game changer. Perhaps the game changer. For golf titles, for sports titles, for gaming, as I mentioned earlier. This game will be the real watershed moment for motion controls and even wider widespread adoption. That EA is bundling MotionPlus in with certain copies (yes, you still have the option to go with the neutered $50 copy) only cements the deal. This title, or possibly Wii Sports Resort, depending on what Nintendo does with the games we haven’t yet seen for that title, could and should be game of the year. The clones and inspired titles the MotionPlus freshman class will inspire could very well be nothing short of amazing. And we’ll be indoors all summer along, protected in our game rooms from the hot sun, swinging our arms like madmen.

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