Infendo’s top 10 Wii games of summer


Virtua Tennis 2009 / Grand Slam Tennis (May 19, June 15)

Tie! Virtua Tennis 2009 and Grand Slam Tennis tie for eighth on our list because we seriously think these two will slug it out over who was able to implement the best first use of MotionPlus. Virtua Tennis comes from proven stock’always a great game. And Grand Slam Tennis mixes it up with a playful graphical style. Said a wise beyond his years Infendo writer Sean recently while endorsing the new look, “Video games aren’t life simulators, they’re games. They should reflect that in gameplay and style. If you want a realistic football game, fine. But better to have a great sports game with style than a great sports game with lifeless expression.” Couldn’t have said it better myself. So I didn’t.