Top 10 GBA Games for your DS

6 – Metroid Fusion

MetroidThink fast you have been infected by some type of parasite. This thing is slowly killing you. However, thankfully, your scientist friends have created some type of cure out of Metroid DNA which will save your life. However, they mistakenly dismantled your power suit and shipped the parts off to some space station. Which, shortly after, the entire station went silent and you are sent there to investigate.

Now you’re being sent their to investigate the silence. Nothing to worry about right? It’s not like their is some type of horrible evil thing that is going to hunt you down. I mean it’s not like you have no where to go. You’re not really alone, without hardly any support, I mean you got a computer giving you mission objectives. What can go wrong?

If you haven’t played this Metroid Game. You have seriously been deprived.


5 – Mega Man Battle Network 3

Mega ManThe Mega Man Battle Network series has received a lot of criticism from the old hard core Mega Man fans. Most of them didn’t like the RPG elements; yet, the game brought in a new generation of fans. The game series reaches up to 6 different battle network games on the GBA, while actually spawning a few DS iterations as well. Not to mention the Animated Cartoon Series based off the game.

However, what’s awesome about the game is that it takes Mega Man and the internet and mixes it in a way that would make sense in the internet age we have today. Each character is a net avatar that can traverse through the internet and go and access other peoples computers. You can pretty much interact with any piece of technology. An interesting take on the Mega Man series, also, Dr. Wily does appear in this game.


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