Top 10 GBA Games for your DS

2 – The Legend of Zelda – The Minish Cap

The Legend of ZeldaNow, I know a lot of people didn’t find Minish Cap to be a great game. Yet, it actually executed the classic overhead Zelda formula while adding thrilling and new experiences. Perhaps the most notable thing about this Zelda game is how vibrant and colorful every pixel is.

However, the most notable thing about Minish Cap is that it actually changed the Zelda time line and added some new lore to the legend of Link. Explaining why Link actually wears his very green hat.

The game also uses some of the elements from Four Swords Adventures. In certain parts of the game you to create identical copies of Link using glowing tiles on the floor. This is a very unique puzzle and fighting element only available in this Zelda title.


1 – Castlevania – Aria of Sorrow

CastlevaniaAria of Sorrow is by far one of the best Castlevania games  on the Game Boy Advance. After two previous titles, Konami, actually perfected the formula of Sprite design, Music, and exploration on a portable Castlevania.

This is also one of the only Castlevania games to actually spawn a direct sequel, Dawn of Sorrow, on the Nintendo DS. The first being Dracula X (Rondo of Blood). Yet, the most notable thing about this game is that the game is set 2035 and years before in 1999 Dracula was finally put to rest. Yet, his castle has risen again, and you have to find out why that is.


Honorable Mentions:
Astro Boy: Omega Factor, Golden Sun I & II, and Mother 3.

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