Top 10 GBA Games for your DS

4 – Riviera The Promised Land

RivieraAre you a fan of Norse Mythology and end of the world scenarios? How about angels looking to stop devastation from reaching their holy land? How about a visually appealing game? If you like any of the above then this is the game for you.

You follow the exploits of a young “Grim”-angel known as Ein who is sent on a mission to investigate the seal that was put in place a long time ago to stop demons from invading their land. However, a catastrophe occurs with causes Ein to get amnesia and he ends up in the land of demons and ultimately has to decide who to protect.

The game is a mixture of RPG, Tactics, and Dating sim. The last aspect manifests itself during various conversation in the game. Ein will often have to favor one of the four female protagonists. This affects their trust for Ein, their mood, combat abilities, and eventually, the game’s outcome.


3 – Mario and Luigi Super Star Saga

Mario & LuigiDo you like Beans? I like beans. The more you eat the more they power you up! In Mario and Luigi Super Star Saga, you once again have to rescue the princess. Yet, instead of rescuing the princess, you have to rescue her voice since some evil bean people swapped it out with an explosive vocabulary.

Sometimes, Mario games sound really strange… but it’s all about the game play. This was the first game that let you and Luigi team up against the many baddies of Mushroom and BeanBean Kingdom. Mixing RPG elements with Active Time game play. You are always in control of both brother’s which is mapped out to the A and B buttons. Even outside of battle you have to control both of them perfectly to get around. That means you gotta know about timed hits, As well as unison jumping.

Super Star Saga was the first game to introduce the psuedo italian voices as well as the over the top animation for both brothers.


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