Top 10 GBA Games for your DS

8 – Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones

Fire EmblemFire Emblem is probably the most hard core tactical role playing games of all time. One false move and you can go from actually winning a map to losing it and all your favorite characters permanently.

Although you can expect difficulty with a majority of tactics games. Yet in Fire Emblem it always seems like everything is stacked against you. For example, your be defending a tiny room with 6 characters from 25 characters trying to break in.

However, the game has a great story, and provides character development for a majority of the characters. The most notable theme in the game is that friendship will overcome all adversity.


7 РPok̩mon (R/S/E)

PokémonI’ve been told a person can play a Pokemon game for months on end. Trying to collect all those different pocket monsters, as well as searching for shiny versions of their favorites. Heck, I’ve even done that myself.

Yet there are some people who will play the game non stop trying to build the best team. While trying to make the perfect pokemon via EV and IV training. Worrying about which one will be a good “special sweeper” or a “physical sweeper”.

These people are the tournament type who want to be “the very best that no one ever was”. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun to just go around and collecting Pokémon and beating up on some gym leaders. Heck, the best part of the game is the adventure, and since it’s portable you can always pick it up and play it.


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