Top 10 GBA Games for your DS

10 – Sword of Mana

Seiken DensetsuA remake of the first game in the Seiken Densetsu series; which was originally released under the title Final Fantasy Adventure on the Game Boy. This remake features nicely done sprite animations as well as simplified game play that doesn’t take away from the fun.

The game plays a lot like a Zelda in terms that you move around an map from an overhead perspective… while slashing and killing enemies as you go along. What makes it stand apart from Zelda is the little RPG elements. Since you can level up and gain experience from various slayed monsters.

It’s a really decent game with a old style story, and features a few side quests to boot.


9 – Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Final FantasyTactics in my Final Fantasy? Blasphemy! Final Fantasy Tactics Advance was one of those games that made you question if it was going to be good at all. Since it had been many a year since the last Tactics game that was released on the original PlayStation. However, since it’s on the list, it has to be good right? I mean there is even a sequel on the DS titled “Final Fantasy Tactics A2”.

The game plays exactly like most tactics game do. You select your character, move them to a checkerboard like position on the map, select attack, select enemy, rinse and repeat. While that does sound a little boring, their is also multiple character classes as well as a gripping story. Although, it is a weird story at that, since it resolves around you and your friends get sucked into a book.


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