Top 10 Wii games to play by yourself

wiialone.jpgBefore it was named Wii, Nintendo’s latest console was being promoted as a system you would play with others. Mini-games and party titles account for the majority of the Wii’s software line up, but what about solo gaming? Behold, the top 10 Wii games to play alone:

10. SSX Blur
With controls that made you say “the Nunchuck can do that?” when they weren’t making you crazy, SSX Blur is a great game to get lost in by yourself. Sure, the game has a fun multiplayer mode, but having all that beautiful screen real estate to yourself is a huge plus.

9. ExciteTruck
Much like SSX Blur, ExciteTruck boasts some fun two-player racing. Filling up a widescreen TV with constantly changing terrain and jamming to your MP3s is even more fun on your own.

8. Sonic and the Secret Rings
Love him, hate him, or tolerate him, Sonic’s Wii debut let you bust up a variety of solo player missions at mind boggling speeds. Mini-game modes almost detract from this title.

7. The Godfather: Blackhand Edition
One of the first M-rated games for Wii, it gave us a taste of a free-roaming world while letting us get our hands dirty. Probably want to play this one alone so nobody sees the sweat on your brow as you shake down, not to mention strangle, some chumps.

6. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Another game with immersive controls in a free-roaming world. A lively castle with no loading as you run about definitely kicked some life back into to this stale gaming franchise. Though, playing this game is kinda like that joke about riding a scooter … it’s a lot of fun till your friends find out.

5. Elebits
Trashing a house with a gravity gun hasn’t been this fun since Half-Life 2. Playing with a friend is a blast, but creating your own Rube Goldbergian levels in this game can suck you in for hours and hours.

4. The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess
A game that most of the first Wii owners probably bought along with their consoles last winter, this overly-epic retelling of Link’s adventures is a great trip to go on, but not much fun for friends to watch. Using the Wiimote for aiming and shooting made this a truly personal experience.

3. Trauma Center: Second Opinion
Maybe your friends don’t like the site of blood (or GUILT), maybe they’re turned off by soap opera story lines, or maybe they’re just jealous of your surgical skills. You know that Dr. Stiles and Dr. Weaver could never use the Healing Touch without your help. Trauma Center adapted the DS game perfectly around the Wii Remote’s unique abilities.

2. Super Paper Mario
With a story line as grandiose as any Paper Mario game before it, the dimension flipping antics of Mario and his team made for a satisfying tale. The sheer amount of hilarious dialog to be read would be enough encouragement to play this game by yourself.

1. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
The first truly great single-player game built exclusively for Wii, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption really got it all right. Controls, graphics, story, voice acting, music, and more … just no multiplayer! But it’s certianly a game that doesn’t need group gaming to prove itself.