The Wii Fit Balance Board is a console

225_japan-wii-fit-box.jpg“I have an idea for an Infendo post you should do…”Sean Malstrom

And so began this simple post on an extraordinary idea. Perhaps a bit crazy too, but then again all disruptive technologies are labeled as such before they’re accepted en masse.

The idea? That the Balance Board packaged with Wii Fit isn’t an accessory at all. It’s a console, just the like Wii or even the PlayStation 3.

You were wondering when Nintendo would update the Wii? Unveil a Wii 2? Good news: The Wii Balance Board is it.

Some might argue that no, the Balance Board is an accessory, like the Wii Wheel (awesome fun, by the way) or the Wii Zapper, but they’d be wrong.

Those two bits of white plastic enhance the Wii console. They bridge a gap between traditional gamer and non-gamer by mimicking their real-world behavior and mapping it over a video game. The Balance Board, on the other hand, is its own little world, and creates as much of a new market for video games as the Wii and Wiimote did when they launched in November 2006. Enhances versus creates. It’s a subtle difference in wording, but it will make all the difference once developers start to treat the board as a console with its own fanboys and girls and audience.

If you think they won’t, then you’re again one of the many people who first dismissed the DS, and then the Wii, for the very same reasons. And you’ll be wrong again with Wii Fit and the Balance Board. As always, there’s hard data to back this opinion of mine up, starting first in the markets where Wii Fit has launched and is currently launching.

nintendo_fit.jpg Japan gets Fit
Or, Let’s put Final Fantasy XIII on the Balance Board

“You should declare Wii Balance Board to be an honorary console. After all, it is almost in second place in Japan against the PS3. Third parties might very well abandon the PS3 and put their games on Wii Balance Board.” — Sean Malstrom

I hereby declare the Wii Balance Board to be an honorary console. There done. Now here’s why.

In Japan, Wii Fit has almost sold as many units as the PlayStation 3. And that’s with only one game, the pack-in title Wii Fit, mind you.

So, using the simple fact that developers will develop games for the consoles that have the hype and fan base to make them a profit, we can say that the Balance Board is as profitable a platform as the PS3, in Japan, to develop games for. Since we’re talking Nintendo here, and lower horesepower, we can also say something else about the board.

“[The] Balance Board is cheaper to develop [for], [has] less competition for games, and beat Sony as it will be the first console that has no disk drive. It will be cheaper (and probably sell more) if Final Fantasy XIII was put on the Balance Board instead of the PS3” — Sean Malstrom

A little confused? Don’t be. Here’s why. Wii Fit is 1/50th of the size of the smallest PS3 game. That’s rough fuzzy Jack math, but I’m only going by eyeball estimates, graphics and the fact that most PS3 games today are already pushing the huge storage limits of Blu-Ray discs. As I’m sure has been discussed ad neaseum at Nintendo HQ already, WiiWare will be one of the driving platforms for Balance Board development–if not the platform.

And why shouldn’t it be? The Board was designed for a non-traditional audience. It is an audience that is well-versed in having their music delivered over the Internet; Tivo’ing their favorite shows; and not having to deal with the process of picking up a physical title at GameStop, which they are afraid of because, like it or not, they don’t like the people who hang out there. In effect, since the Wii Balance Board is the latest console to hit the market, it will create its own Balance Board fanboys and girls.

“They will parade the forums, declare Wii Balance Board has a higher TIE ratio than the other consoles and say, “Sure, your console can play DVDs but can your console SAVE YOUR LIFE? said Malstrom during our discussion the other day.

Miyamoto already let slip that online was coming to Wii Fit, thereby giving this simple title a rather complex means with which to compete with other Wii Balance Board consoles around the world. Didn’t think you could compete with fitness, sit-ups and Yoga? Join the club, but regardless it’s going to be a whole new spin on “gaming.”

Lastly, a Square Enix Balance Board game has actually already been discussed on the record. In July, Square Enix’s Motomu Toriyama told IGN the company was “intrigued” by the idea of using weight and balance to control games.

fat_american_kids.jpgMoving Americans
Or, If you get Oprah, you get the world.

Amazon’s top sellers list, or most popular items, or whatever it’s called, has long been a sketchy way of throwing around fanboy taunts on NeoGaf, etc, but I’m going to cite them here anyway because I can. In the lead up to the Grand Theft auto IV release yesterday, do you know what video game had the most pre-orders? No, not GTA IV. It was Wii Fit and the Balance Board. But GTA was next, right? Nope. That slot was for Mario Kart Wii. and after that, you ask, then surely at least the Xbox 360 version of GTa IV made an appearance. Not quite. That stupid waste of plastic you make fun of but secretly want to try out anyway, the Wii Wheel, THAT was number three. Then GTA IV, Xbox 360 version.

And that’s without Nintendo’s multi-million dollar Wii Fit marketing blitz. That comes later with, we’ll assume, an even more amazing number of pre-orders, lines and Wii mania.

Speaking of that marketing push… it’s pretty big. Pretty console-like, if I do say so myself. Like they’re trying to establish a solid base of board owners with which to market to developers looking for something fresh in this FPS, gun-toting haven gaming inhabits today. As of right now, there’s also zero competition for these board owners, until Microsoft releases their Xbox Balance Board Xtreme to the Maxxx, sponsored by Mountain Dew.

When we look to the East, we can see the base forming literally by the second. At UK store Woolworth’s, Wii Fit sold an astonishing 90 units per minute last week, which was faster than GTA IV. But that’s not even the ace in the hole. Today, another UK chain, Curry’s, announced that the Wii fit momentum lasted through the weekend, with a unit selling every four seconds.

People are moving to get moving with this “game” in the hundreds of thousands — and millions in Japan. That’s great for the short term, but what about this holiday, when the press and forum types begin to beat the “gathering dust” drum again? (over their plump, under exercised bellies, natch)

Well, that’s when the aforementioned WiiWare kicks in, if it hasn’t already.

As I wrote about this last summer, when the Balance Board was still just an accessory to me and many others, Wii Ware is surely on the minds of many a developer–especially ones looking at the Balance Board with hungry eyes. I’ve changed my tune about a few things, but the basic forward-thinking message still holds true:

Having WiiWare developers shoulder the majority of 3rd party games for the balance board does two things. First, the costs involved with developing a WiiWare title are already bare bones, so the risk is lower. This means we might actually see some pretty amazing, albeit simpler games developed exclusively for the balance board (or that at least utilize the board for integral control functions).

Second, this scenario creates a base from which larger developers can field ideas or even acquire these smaller companies. Either way, it reduces the apprehension developers might have about developing a game that requires a peripheral to work properly ’ as opposed to, say, bolting optional motion controls onto a PS3 game.

And the best part is ’ at least for the early WiiWare developers ’ is that when the Wii Balance Board launches sometime in 2008 and is snatched up en masse by non-traditional gamers (and some hardcore ’ just you watch), they’ll have a healthy installed base of at least a million or so users to work with.

Again, this is why the board is no mere accessory, and why it actually reaches out not only to non-traditional couch potatoes and fitness buffs, but to intelligent, fresh thinking developers, and even the rough and tough hardcore sect that will inevitably at least experiment with the board when the momentum begins to build.

With the board, Nintendo has effectively extended the life of the Wii itself. Not in the traditional, accepted way that requires a hardware update, faster processor or better graphics, but in a new way that actually takes what is there and expands it outward–not upwards.

This is the third time around the gimmick assaults and dismissive tone towards a Nintendo product have been leveled. You would think people would have learned by now.

So today I officially label myself not only a rabid Nintendo fanman, but a Wii Fit/Balance Board fanman as well.

Oprah, care to join me?


  1. this generation of systems, nintendo has really hit the ball out of the ball park when it comes to user interface. i’m so interested to see what other games come out besides wii fit to uses the balance board. another thing i’m really looking forward to seeing is games that will use the wiimote/nunchuk combo with the balance board. good times ahead. really, the 360 and ps3 are going to be in trouble for the next couple of years unless they copy everything.

  2. THis article sold me if I was not already sold on it. Buuuuut, the wife certainly got the link to this in her email.

  3. So you mean that I can just go out and by the Wii fit board, and not get a Wii, and it will still play games? No, then sorry it’s not a console.
    Is it incredible? Yes. Is it going to change the face of video games even more? Yes. Is it one of the best accessories to ever hit the gaming world? Probably. Is it a console? No.
    Let’s not give the opponents of the Wii any more fuel by saying things that don’t make sense. Call it the best thing since sliced bread if you want, but don’t call it a console, because it isn’t one.

  4. I’m going to have to say no, the balance board is not a console. The balance board is used to control Wii Fit and other games. Thus, it is a controller. Controllers are accessories to the game console they’re made for. Therefore, the Balance Board is a Wii accessory.

    You don’t develop games for use on the balance board, you develop games for use on the Wii, to use with the balance board. Just because a peripheral expands the market doesn’t mean it can defy the bounds of its categorization.

    With your logic, the wiimote (and arguably, the sixaxis) aren’t just merely controllers or accessories. They use motion control, and therefore expand the area that game developers can explore. They create a new market for different game types. So they too must be consoles, right?

  5. From what I can understand, Jack’s article isn’t declaring Wii Fit by itself is a console, it’s more as if thanks to Wii Fit the Wii has been upgraded and evolved to achieve market penetration into more homes and to make those individuals that hadn’t decided to buy a Wii just get up and make the plunge.

    Now, when is Wii Fit scheduled to be on Oprah? I’m guessing all the people at the show will get a Wii and a copy of Wii Fit and Wii Play, right?

  6. I don’t think it’s much of a console by itself, but the foot controller is another step towards killing off the dual-analog, and making videogame interfaces less intimidating to all those new Wii owners.

  7. I think calling it a console is too far. If 2 years from now people still use it on a daily basis w/ a ton of games to choose from than sure.

    I however, am not convinced that this won’t end up in the same pile as the power glove, power pad, light gun, and super scope. Hopefully, the Big N reveals some new games for the board at E3.

  8. it’s a console, but not in the uua; since we use it in games. it’s more of a platform, but we in video games we usually use console and platform interchangeably. There are differences, but I agree about Wii Fit being a console.

    It’s much the same arguument that Wii isn’t a next-gen system. Nintendo labele it as new gen, which I’ve accepted, but looking at what makes a cconsole next-gen, the Wii is a next-gen console. It is a next effort console that compete’s in the current market against other consoles. Even if it’s not competing traditionally, it is competing.

    Wii Fit isn’t in a normal format for a console, and even has an unnatural dependence on the Wii in comparison to all older and current platforms, but with the level of support it’s bound to receive it’s going to more than cross the barrier of peripheral and be a platform, a console unto itself.

    Great article jack. i don’t think I tell you that enough when you do them, but I enjoyed reading it. I do have Wii Fit prordered, but I won’t be joining anyone in the Mario karts, at least not for Wii.

  9. that first line should say, “It’s a console, but not in the usual sense since we use it in games.”

  10. It’s not a console … yet. 10+ games for it and I’ll be sold on this theory. I just don’t want to get burned by buying something with this sort of potential just to see them only release one more game for it. Something like Rock Band or Guitar Hero fits this categorization much better. With those, you know they’ll keep making more discs for the current hardware cuz they keep selling.

  11. I don’t know that I’m sold on it being a console perse, but I can say that dependency on a current console has never stopped a new console from being created: a la Sega CD or the 32X. They were distinctly new consoles that you HAD to have a Genesis to use.

  12. No it’s an accessory, without the Wii it’d be just a white slab of plastic. The thing is its a successful accessory. It’s not like the eyetoy, that was there but not enough people had one to bother making many games for it, the board so far has plenty good enough sales to justify making exclusive games.

  13. It might not be a traditional console but the way to know if this theory pans out or not is if new games designed for the balance board are marketed as a balance board game or a wii game

  14. The Wii has always been this. This is the reason why the Wiifit board was originally connected to the Wii mote. The Wii is simply the technology platform while the controllers are the games platform. Just look at the controllers and suddently you have a ton of systems setting in front of you.

    The VC controller -nes, snes, neogeo, genisis, N64, turbo graphix, etc
    The GC controller – you have a game cube
    The Wii-mote -the main Wii controller that doubles for a pointer with 3d tilt and spacial controls and also doubles as a VC controller. The Wii mote is a new system for playing games and is much like a class that one would call in a program language in order to build new code off of. So the Wii mote is away of extending what we know as games and their interface by way of the hand.
    The balance board controller – is basicly a life style product that can be used with the Wii mote since the Wii mote is the extending device.
    Yet the balance board operates with out the Wii mote yet can not replace it. So it is intended to extend the system or morph it into what you want.

    If any thing the Wii has shown other what it truely means to make a game “system” where any one can buy it and it is up to the user to then buy the parts that transforms this box into what they want. The key to this is the low price point and smart power boosts. So if you look at this thinking then the next nintendo console may depend on what chips go for what price or how the guys at ATI feel about the current chip path that they have offered nintendo. Yet it will have to be a certain price point for this to work. That is the main rule of console prices… $99-250 is the sweet spot. Yet the main input systems caters to every one. So once you put this all together you realize that hey these controller no longer have ports either so will I be able to use this stuff on my next console? Or shall I say base unit? When you look deeper into what nintendo has done you start to see what is the real reason why many hate it. They give you all the tools to create your own experience yet if you simply hate them then you will not care if they offer so called hardcore gaming. Yet if you are into the whole Wii play and Wii fit and the coming Wii music stuff then you know that they will keep making games for these controllers and really other developers will try these new controllers also. Really EA has to be thinking about NBA, NFL, etc fitness packages. Have you ever seen those guys work out they almost die! Part of lifting weights is your balance yet the 300lb thing will not work. I’m sure you could use it for other thing too. The best part about the new maddens is training camp drills.. which most gamers would call mini games. What if you had to actually work out with your team before a game? Suddenly gamers would understand what it takes to stay in shape all year long. Graphics are great but stuff like that really changes gaming for the better.

  15. I would buy Madden if it used the Wii Fit board to go through challenging, but fun exercises at the sports camp and between games for traiining.

  16. Oh, I get it. It’s not a console. It’s a platform.

    Because you stand on it.

  17. rdaneel wins the comments, article over.

  18. “good times ahead. really, the 360 and ps3 are going to be in trouble for the next couple of years unless they copy everything.”

    That’s a pretty big assumption. I think the rush to proclaim the Wiiboard as the next big thing is extremely premature. Look no further than the Wiimote/Nunchunk; I still argue that no game has gotten the fluid controls anywhere near as good as Wii Sports (hence why for most Wii Sports still = Wii). It very well is possible that Wii Fit will be the same. Just because 10+ games are being made for it doesn’t mean they are going to be good.

    Will is sell, obviously yes since it already is, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be the next big thing.

  19. Guys, the idea of Balance Board being a ‘console’ is a joke, not something to be serious about. Some of my quotes in there make it sound I am declaring the Balance Board to be a console, but it was a suggestion to playfully tweak the hardcore.

    “Xbox 360 is in second place!”
    “It will be Playstation 3!”

    No, gentlemen. Second place will be BALANCE BOARD!

    One can have much fun turning Balance Board into an honorary console. Imagine Balance Board stealing the HD consoles’ games. Final Fantasy 14? Balance Board exclusive! Imagine shelf space of Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 to be slowly be taken over by Balance Board.

    The idea of Balance Board outselling Playstation 3 in Japan boggles the mind. It may very well become fact that Balance Board to have a larger installed base in Japan than Playstation 3. With less competing software and cheaper development, Balance Board is probably more of an attractive investment.

    Again, the Balance Board as console is a joke. I hope no one takes it ‘seriously’. Since we have heard that Wii Fit is going to end all gaming, might as well notch up the hardcore fears by declaring it as ‘honorary console’.

  20. “So you mean that I can just go out and by the Wii fit board, and not get a Wii, and it will still play games? No, then sorry it’s not a console.”

    Exactly, you took the words right out of my keypad….except I am not ” sorry” to say that it is NOT a console. I am glad to say it is not one.

    More, ridiculous fanBoyism….. I read about half way and just laughed to much to continue… =)

  21. LOL Sure Final Fantasy 14 will be on the balance board. Why not? The first person adventure they had would be even cooler if they made it so you could just lean out of danger. As a platform developer will choose to stand on it or not. The thing is nintendo is putting out options and they have big reasons behind them. As a game hardware designer they have to think differently from other game developers. This can be an option or some thing that can stand on it’s own. I think console may be a bad way to explain it but it is some thing that can change your Wii into some thing else.

    ResidentialEvil the other system are being left behind by catering to the hardcore aspects of gamer rather than the person as a whole. At this point I’m not concern with hardware sells because the Wii is running away with it no matter how under powered it is. I’m really wondering how many hardcore gamers will get a new PS3 based off FF13. Man would it be cool if gamers came out in such full effect to put the PS3 back on top or even 2nd place just by releasing one game. You do know if that happens square would seriously think about bring out their own system….LOL

    If you think about it, before add ons would splinter game sales now they simply stand on their own and function as some thing that adds more players to the install base.These same add ons can only add to games yet they don’t really take away things unless the developer is silly enough not to include Wiimote controls. Thats just crazy but when you think about it every hardcore gamer is very picky about their games and most only like to play certain games certain ways. This could be the reason why splintering happened so much back then. But once you go out side of the hardcore you find new ground that even the hardcore may want to try out. It’s harder to do this with technology because there are lots of left behind moments like the current crysis trend in PC gaming.

  22. What is funny is most people that post about the Wii balance board console idea not being a console of some sort are the reason why things like this will work. Your disbelief in such a thing is the reason why it works. What how does that work? That same disbelief is the same reason you will become curious if new games do come out…LOL I mean the thing is not going any where and people will be buying this. After Harmonix deposits all that money i’m sure others will try and make their own foot hold in different ways. Hey but maybe not. This isn’t about being a fanboy or not it’s about what the hell is really happening here. The main reason why the hardcore are not cheering for the Wii is they don’t know whats next! I mean how much is the xbox going to evolve? What about the PS3?
    As gamers though this stuff shouldn’t be that high on your list of things though unless you are actually in the industry.

  23. very interesting article. I enjoyed it.

  24. The WiiFit board is still an accessory. Without the Wii, the board is just as useless as the Zapper or Wheel. I can just imagine the clueless mom buying WiiFit, putting the disc into a DVD player and saying “WTF?”.

  25. Interesting article and perspective. I’m totally on board (no pun intended) with the idea of the Wii Fit and its balance board. Everyone makes fun of Nintendo’s innovative new ideas… but seriously, aren’t we tired of the status quo? So what if something is different or weird as long as it’s enjoyable? Nobody can argue against that fun factor. I’ve given it all a chance and I’m having more fun with games (and the self professed “non-games”) than I have in a very long time thanks to Nintendo’s willingness to go out on a limb. I’ll definitely be buying Wii Fit, it’s nice to know that not everyone is a naysayer and that there are people in this country willing to give it a chance instead of just make fun.

  26. I’m surely getting this!! I really enjoyed reading this pretty intresting article. I know my friends, who are hardcore PS3 owners, would just bash me all day long when I mention the fact that the board is selling as much as PS3 units LOL

  27. Very interesting theory, Jack… one that I agree with. To an extent.

    If this thing is really only outsold by the PS3 in such a short amount of time, I find that sufficient evidence enough. Add that to the very high price of Wii Fit, and this is pretty much an easy decision. I’d just like to see more games that utilize the board SOON.

  28. Nice article. The success of the WiiBoard really does blow the “but no-one develops for peripherals” argument out the water when you compare WiiFit sales to PS3 sales. In other words, as far as developers are concerned it’s a financially attractive platform to develop on and may as well be considered as a console.

    Some people on the internet are way, way too literal for their own good.

  29. So right Doc_R being literal is away of faking logic some times. For this thing to out sell the PS3 is just crazy though it’s like they released another game boy or some thing yet you have to have a Wii! So has nintendo finally figured out how to release the next console so that it actually increases the install base of the core console? Who knows… distributive computing is almost here and once it happen it seems nintendo will be ready. Just look what they can do with other tech that’s affordable. Not sure what I’m talking about? Well you’ve heard of Sli boards for graphics cards, dual core GPU multi core CPUs right? They all increase performance yet the install is very painful for most but what happens when you can do this with some type of industry standard cable? Or even better wirelessly? All I know is so far nintendo has been the only company to improve the worth of certain technologies so far other than apple and no I don’t own a mac. I mean intel wants to be part of the next wave of console too thats why they are making raytracing CPUs and are going right at nvidia in the trade journals. How does this involve nintendo? Well lets just think here. Nintendo wants to make a system which is a certain price after the sales that just nintendo software create you suddenly have a great bargaining chip to do business with. You can set criteria then because you can almost promise profit due to what your games do for certain tech. So if intel does come along with such a chip which works in these ways then it sort of evolves what nintendo could do. I’m leaving out the other guys for the same reason I leave out PC manufactures, they would all sell the different SKUs as upgrades rather than experiences which is their main problem. If you treat tech like a component then that all you will get from it. Yet if you set it up to be truly a new experience then you can write your own checks. I mean look at harmoix and midi controllers… They been around for year why is this just coming out? You can not blame it on the tech either.

  30. Just invented two words:

    One, to define this cateogory: Megaccessory.

    Two, to define my reaction to Wii Fit nearly outselling the PS3: Wiiw!

  31. wiifit is the only real console innovation after the wii and deserves to sell alot.. so lets see.

  32. Sorry, but I’ll throw in my own big resounding “no” on the whole balance-board-as-console idea. Reason? Simple really. I’ll just quote my yesterday’s conversation with my great aunt, a doctor. She heard I was using this “new exercise thingy” and wanted to know what it is. I explained and she was really impressed with what I told her. “So how much is it?” she asked finally. “I paid 300 zl [Polish currency] for it,” I said. “So you can have it for 300 zl?” she inquired, interest in her voice. “Well, no,” I had to reply. “First you need to pay 900 zl for the console, this ‘minicomputer’ that you connect to your tv, so it’s really 1,200 zl.” “Oh.” And that’s about it.

  33. I felt that article was good for a laugh. I think that Wii Fit is a really cool product, not sure If I’ll buy it yet as I only see one game that utilizes it at the moment and that’s not warranting a 90 dollar purchase for me.

    I was suckered into buying a Wii Zapper for 20 bucks and that thing is gathering dust. I felt it was easier to play the pack in game: Link’s Crossbow Training without the zapper. Even games that are developed with it in mind (RE Umbrella Chronicles) didn’t give any special reason to use it, nunchuk for that matter as well.

    Those wii-mote attachments (racket, club, bat, sword, etc) I think are wastes unless you play alot of games in that genre and have an attachement such as MLB would make use of the bat if you’re a fan of that genre.

    The only accessory I found useful and fun to use so far is the wii wheel. I’m not too big a racing fan but I simply love Mario Kart, which is my second favorite against MK64. Plus there are bound to be other interesting racing games that can make use of it, F-Zero I’m looking at you.

    But as for this Balance Board, I’m not feeling it yet, I’ll probably borrow my cousins copy before I buy it. Unless there are some interesting games to come out later this year.

  34. I really liked the way they came off

  35. I love the Wii Fit and use it as often as I can.

  36. that picture of those fat americans cracks me up everytime

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