Nintendo Power features first party developer bonanza

GameSetWatch’s video game magazine round up features Nintendo Power again, and lauds the mag for its Nintendo first party exclusivity access. In this case: Pokemon. Oh, and if you want to get some insight into Nintendo’s first party developer scene, there’s a handful fo interviews there, as well:

This month’s NP kicks it on the interview front as well, featuring a roundtable discussion with the four main folks behind Diamond/Pearl (including Ken Sugimori, the man who devised and drew the first 251 Pokémon pretty much by himself). The interview cavalcade continues with Randy Pitchford (Brothers in Arms: Double Time), the Super Paper Mario guys, and Shingo Mukaitoge (Dewy), but that’s not even the main highlight here — that’s reserved for the 4-page feature on cooking games titled “Now You’re Cooking with Power” and featuring staff writer Chris Hoffman in a photo-sequence that’s nothing short of hilarious.

Then there’s a two-page strategy guide on some obscure title called Kid Icarus (which I may need, given all the difficulty level-related swearing I’ve been doing lately). To the NP readers out there: has NP started a comeback from the days of old?