Wii Music

Guitar Hero is to robots, as Wii Music is to musicians

Editor’s note: We know it’s difficult for Jack to realize that Nintendo is on the verge of releasing its second Virtual Boy this fall in the form of Wii Music, but we’ll let him play devil’s advocate just this once. Apologies in advance, but I’m not going to give up on this title until I play experience the final product. Why? Because, as we learn more about it, and t...

Poll – Wii music games

I know that none of these have been released yet, but let’s hear what you have to say about this Fall’s new music games. {democracy:60} If your answer is Other, let us know what it is in comments.

Gaming sites do unsurprising 180 on Wii Music

Listen, Wii Music isn’t out yet, and from all accounts it’s not what a majority of Infendo readers (nay, even its editors) are looking for. Nevertheless, I’ve counted a handful of articles in the past week written by gaming journalists and bloggers that basically said (paraphrased): “Wait a second, maybe I was wrong about Wii Music.” Some other sites, more popular tha...

Nintendo gives Blake’s nightmares a logo

Blake hasn’t been sleeping well. He comes into work lethargic and drowsy. Once in a while, he’ll drop whatever he’s doing and start waggling his arms and humming loudly and out of tune. I think it’s the Wii Music. He went into involuntary convulsions when he saw this logo released by Nintendo. I voluntarily joined him.

Wii Music hits Japan October 16 for $50

Wii Music hits Japan October 16 for about $50. I’m also going to use this post as an opportunity to go out on a limb and say not only does this title sell incredibly well in Japan and the US (and hey, Europe’s top 10 is dominated by Nintendo titles every week, so I’ll include them too), it will be surprisingly enjoyable to a majority of people who play it. Just my opinion, and yo...

Miyamoto has lost his marbles; Wii Music is offensively boring

LOS ANGELES — The theme of Nintendo’s E3 press conference this week was “smiles on people’s faces.” It’s a good theme, and one Nintendo (and select third-parties) have largely delivered on so far. Unfortunately, the upcoming Wii Music does anything but put smiles on faces, that is if said faces are older than three years of age.

Miyamoto reveals Wii Music MP3

LOS ANGELES — Shigeru Miyamoto, father of Nintendo game development and an interactive entertainment icon the world over, today revealed an ambitious new Wii title that will entice even the most cautious of non-traditional gamers into the Wii fold. Called Wii Music Mp3, the title is meant to provide non-traditional players with a non-threatening and approachable music-playing venue right out...