Gaming sites do unsurprising 180 on Wii Music

Listen, Wii Music isn’t out yet, and from all accounts it’s not what a majority of Infendo readers (nay, even its editors) are looking for. Nevertheless, I’ve counted a handful of articles in the past week written by gaming journalists and bloggers that basically said (paraphrased): “Wait a second, maybe I was wrong about Wii Music.” Some other sites, more popular than this one, have noticed the same thing.

And, when these 180-degree turn articles are written, the comment section that follows is predictably negative. Some things to consider before joining the ranks of the angst ridden masses: Miyamato flat out called this a toy (more Electroplankton than Guitar Hero, please); and people seem to be confusing Wii Music with Nintendo. It’s not Nintendo that IS Wii Music, it’s Wii Music that’s A PART OF Nintendo.

The upcoming 2008-2009 release schedule (for Wii AND that oft-forgotten DS) proves that to be the case. Don’t get so caught up in hating on a game you’ll never buy and never play that you miss out of having fun with video games. That, dear readers, is why they’re here!