Wii Music features 14 licensed songs

Wii Music is supposed to have about 50 songs on the disc when you buy it. Now since there is only 14 licensed tracks you can guess that the other 36 songs are going to either be public domain songs, or songs and themes from popular Nintendo games. Though you would think that Nintendo is smarter than that, and would make a game that is to be enjoyed by everyone.

So of course it was expected that there was going to be some licensed tracks. Though looking back on some games (Elite Beat Agents) that Nintendo has released that had licensed music in them you have to wonder if they will be any different. However, Wii Music is about playing the songs not singing them. So you would have to presume that they are well known tunes that are memorable.

Anyway take a look at the licensed list of songs after the jump.

“Chariots of Fire” theme song by Vangelis
“Daydream Believer” by John Stewart (made famous by The Monkees)
“Every Breath You Take” by Sting
“I’ll be There,” performed by The Jackson 5
“I’ve Never Been to Me,” classic Motown hit by Charlene
“Material Girl,” by Madonna (EBA)
“Please Mr. Postman,” the debut single from the Marvellettes
“September,” from Earth, Wind and Fire (EBA)
“Suriyaki,” a Japanese song popular in the ’60s performed by Kyu Sakamoto
“The Loco-Motion,” another 60s pop song
“Woman” a song by John Lennon
“Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” by the illustrious George Michael
“Jingle Bell Rock.” We all know this one.
“Do-Re-Mi” by Rogers and Hammerstein from “The Sound of Music.”

Anyone expecting anything different?

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