National Association for Music Education endorses Wii Music


REDMOND, Wash.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Nintendo’s new Wii Musicâ„¢ game is spreading from the family room to the classroom, thanks to newly formed collaborations with select schools and educators. To help inspire students and promote an active appreciation for music, Nintendo is working with teachers to incorporate Wiiâ„¢ consoles and Wii Music software into their lesson plans to offer teachers a unique tool for creativity and improvisation.

Nintendo’s collaborators in this effort include MENC: The National Association for Music Education, which is recognized as the world’s largest arts education organization and as a teaching resource for all levels from preschool to graduate school. MENC will help teachers in 51 cities across the nation integrate Wii Music into their curricula, making use of the game’s 60-plus instruments and fun array of tutorial exercises in rhythm, tempo and song structure.

“The goal of Wii Music is to inspire people of all ages to enjoy music,” said Cammie Dunaway, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of Sales & Marketing. “By partnering with educators and bringing Wii Music into their classrooms, we hope to give students a memorable, hands-on experience that helps them discover their own creative voice.”

The Wii console’s motion-sensing controls allow Wii Music users at any experience level to step up and jam, whether playing solo or as part of a group. Using the wireless Wii Remoteâ„¢ and Nunchukâ„¢ controllers, players make simple, intuitive movements to strum a guitar, play a trumpet or bang a drum.

“At any grade level, it’s essential to provide students with the tools and encouragement they need to be creative,” said John J. Mahlmann, executive director of MENC. “We look forward to collaborating with Nintendo to drive awareness and advocacy for music education through Wii Music.”

Some teachers already have begun to incorporate Wii Music into their lesson plans.

“Wii Music has brought a renewed excitement to music class for students from first grade to fifth, myself and even some of the classroom teachers,” said Helen A. Krofchick, a music teacher at Doby’s Mill Elementary School in Lugoff, S.C. “I love how many music standards can be covered in such a short time. Students also have to use language skills, spatial awareness and hand-eye coordination. We have a school very supportive of the arts and Wii Music has empowered our program even more. Any system that is educational and can add a love of music to children’s lives should be in every classroom.”

Other collaborating and partner organizations currently include San Francisco’s Blue Bear School of Music and New York’s Opus 118 Harlem School of Music. Teachers in these programs will use Wii Music to build students’ familiarity with technology while bolstering their ability to create and improvise. Experts in the field of music say getting kids interested in music at an early age can help build a lifelong appreciation.

“The joy of playing music is something that should be experienced by everyone, regardless of age, talent-level or experience,” said Joe Lamond, President & CEO of NAMM, the National Association of Music Merchants. “Research shows that more than 82 percent of people who don’t currently play a musical instrument wish they did. Wii Music can help address this by providing a positive introduction for millions of people who might not otherwise be inclined to try.”


  1. I was in the first band of people that hated the idea of Wii music, but now? No… I don’t get how this would discredit them..

    Sure, it’s not your normal game, winning isn’t realy a possability if losing isn’t either, but that’s not what Wii Music is about, Wii Music is more about learning about the instruments, and the sounds that they make, and how they go together to make something cool sounding and like cammie says, just getting people to enjoy music early on, cause as is obvious, the later you get into music the more likely you are to go sheep and follow the crowd with musical interest. It’s not about making world records like guitar hero or beating people up.

    Stop bashing Wii Music already people, if you don’t understand what the game is about, it’s just getting old.

    (that was a big rant over nothing…)

  2. Or here’s another title:
    Infendo discredits itself with another hair-brained, pointless attack on Wii music.

    I agree with Jamie, if you don’t like Wii music, don’t get it. Believe it or not there are a lot of people who actually do like Wii music. What’s so bad about schools using Wii music to help kids get a better appreciation of music? How exactly is this a bad thing? Care to be a little more specific on how the National Association for Music Education is discrediting themselves? The article itself seems pretty high on Wii Music. It’s interesting how the title doesn’t even match the story. What, couldn’t you find an article that agrees with you?

    I don’t know what worse, all the repeated articles about Bob, or the repeated articles attacking Wii Music.

  3. I’m with Jamie. I’m going to school for music education, and although I’d never use this myself to teach music to kids especially since I’m hoping to get into higher education, for a lot of kids in this day and age, this is the easiest way to get them interested in something, with video games. And if video games are used for a POSITIVE cause, then I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. I was so confused when I first actually read the article, because I failed to see where there was any negative part of this story, and I still don’t see it. I LIKE Wii Music, there are a lot of good ideas in it. Do I think it’s worth 50 dollars? No. I think there is a LOT more that should have been in the game, especially for 50 bucks. But it’s still a really fun idea. Hopefully somewhere down the line Nintendo revisits Wii Music and expands upon it successfully, because it IS a good game and idea thereafter, but like many of Nintendo’s efforts, there is much more they could’ve done with it.

  4. Worst article title in all Infendo history!!! Who wrote this title???

  5. The article title was more of a joke that I made in the Infendo office .. I never intended it to be an actual title.

    I have played Wii Music and I enjoyed some of it, but the audience is very specific. The press release shows a picture of the class using the Hand Bells minigame, which in all honesty was one of the most fun parts of Wii Music for me.

    In all honesty, it does seem very limited to use it to instruct students about music, other than basic rhythm skills.

  6. I also still support Wii Music, and am glad to see that one of the main goals of its creator, Shigeru Miyamoto, is actually happening (that being this toy–his words–be used as a teaching tool for music students). I’m also glad to see the Press Release was returned to its original form.

  7. Just now made my site visit…did I miss something? Was there an original title, or what?

    I too support Wii Music for what Shiggy has in mind, but It’s difficult to praise it when the game is used as a substitute for a proper AAA holiday line-up. I’m not saying we need a Mario/Zelda/Metroid every x-mas, but don’t use a “toy-oriented game” as a solution. Use some of those millions…whoops…i mean billions for more game development divisions. Kyoto division can only poop out so many plumbers and fairy boys.

  8. @Jake: That’s no way to talk about Tingle.

  9. What was the old title? Missed it.

  10. @Jack: Kooloo-Limpah!

  11. So the press release was real; but the headline violate Poe’s Law?! THAT’S WHACK!!

    I have a new law for such things: Jack’s Law. Jack opens mouth; Dumb Ass idiocy ensues. Film At 11. Which Jack? Does it matter?

    If the Department of Education starts doing this kind of stuff; then you know the Japanese invasion is real. And for some reason; I’m cheering Nintendo to do it. Maybe that’s the bias Canadian “Higher than thou” attitude that poisoned my mind; who knows.

  12. Jack: See; that is why sometimes censorship works. If Tingle was renamed; I betcha we wouldn’t have the massive hate most people have on Tingle. Apathy for sure; but not downright hate. At least with Wii; only immature people would try to hyper reference it as a pissing joke. Tingle is just too obvious.

  13. The original title was something like “National Association Music Education discredits itself by endorsing Wii Music”…

  14. Mwahahaha, we have the power to make you change your articles…

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  16. There really is no stopping Nintendo – Just look out for the day you train on a zoology course using Nintendogs! 😛