Miyamoto: Wii Music is a music education tool

Nintendo has already conquered your living room. Now, the heralded games maker is setting its sights on your childrens’ classrooms.

In a candid conversation about Wii Music, the company’s controversially basic new rhythm game, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata and development mastermind Shigeru Miyamoto discussed the goals and design decisions behind the game.

They also talked about the possibility of using Wii Music in schools for childrens’ music education. Kotaku has the translated bit:

Iwata: Well, there, with Wii Music, there’s a strong possibility of raising people’s basic level of music education.

Miyamoto: Yes. Thus, from now, I’ve even thought it would it would be great if kindergartens or elementary schools got Wii Music and began kid’s music education with that…

Maybe the Japanese have some strange musical instrument that requires random button presses to create sound, but here in the States, it actually requires a bit of skill to perform music.

Aren’t developing skill and experiencing failure good life lessons, too? Wii Music is set for a late Oct. release in Japan and North America.