Donkey Kong Country Returns to become third Nintendo game with auto-pilot control

[youtube][/youtube] Auto-pilot gaming is coming to Donkey Kong Country Returns. First introduced in New Super Mario Bros. Wii and later on Super Mario Galaxy 2, the so-called Super Guide gives players the option to turn on auto-controls after dying eight consecutive times. Designed by Shigeru Miyamoto’as were many of Nintendo’s best ideas’the feature...

FlingSmash is the new Wii Play (with a meatier game)

After selling an unthinkable 28 million copies of Wii Play, Nintendo is ready to refresh the controller bonus game idea with the release of FlingSmash on Sunday. You already know about the bundled Wii Remote with “Motion Plus inside.” As for the included game, it’s like a side-scrolling Brickbreaker plus racquetball with a dash of pinball. It’s definitely more lasting than ...

Good game alert: Disney Guilty Party

[youtube][/youtube] Recently featured on the new and improved Infendo Radio, the fam and I have been playing Disney Guilty Party, which is basically Mario Party + Clue, the board game. Throw in high quality production values, and the $40 party game is something I’m betting most families would enjoy.

New Epic Mickey trailer goes balls out

[youtube][/youtube] This change your mind one way or another? Epic Mickey arrives Nov. 30 on Wii.

Where would you rank Epic Yarn in the Kirby series?

[youtube][/youtube] Derek and I discussed this on last week’s podcast. Without completing the game, I’d say it’s the third best Kirby game ever. Right on the heels of Kirby’s Adventure, but not quite as innovative as Canvas Curse. Still, the interplay between graphics and gameplay is smile-inducing, more than enough to give it the b...

Roll the tape: A look at upcoming 3DS games

[youtube][/youtube] Games shown: Kid Icarus: Uprising Nintendogs + Cats Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition Resident Evil: Revelations Resident Evil The Mercenaries 3D Dynasty Warriors Chronicle Dead or Alive Dimensions Pro Baseball Spirits Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater Paper Mario Pilotwings Resort Mario Kart Chocobo Racing 3D Super Monkey Ball Ridge Racer...

This looks pretty freakin’ fun, oooooooh!

[youtube][/youtube] It’s like Just Dance with better dancing, music, and cooler graphics. Disclosure: I think MJ is a top 5 musician all time, right up there with Mozart, The Beatles, and Gwar. Okay, maybe not Gwar, but you get the idea.

This Kirby Epic Yarn trailer looks straight-up awesome, even if it sounds Japanese

[youtube][/youtube] Good, golly. Do want. Coming Oct. 17.

Are you even remotely interested in Wii Party?

[youtube][/youtube] Sorta feels like Wii Play with a $50 price tag. Am I wrong?

Remember how hard F-Zero GX was?

[youtube][/youtube] Anyone complaining about the lack of difficult games recently obviously missed this discouraging hard GameCube game. After 15 attempts, I don’t think I ever made it past the second track. I haven’t picked it up since.

Coming soon: Kinect and Sony PlayStation Move Airstream trailers

Nintendo is at again with their custom Airstream trailer. Like previous summers, this one will feature the old school trailer making its way across the U.S., franchise characters plastered on its sides for all to see. The latest games and select “soon to be released” Nintendo titles will surely be contained within. Marketing? Marketing:

Paper-mâché plus platforming: And Yet it Moves now on WiiWare

[youtube][/youtube] David is reviewing the game as we speak and will publish his thoughts later this week. That rhymed. I’m awesome.