GH: Metallica trailer, partial setlist revealed

If we can’t get a Guitar Hero: Megadeth, this is the next-best thing. It was the industry’s worst-kept secret, and post-confirmation, more details are emerging on the highly anticipated Guitar Hero: Metallica. Activision has released an official trailer viewable below, new features have been announced and the setlist is beginning to take shape.

Chrono Trigger Beta Footage Jump Festa ’94

Chrono Trigger spent a few years in development and wasn’t always a the level it was today. Footage from an early build of Chrono Trigger found on an old tape from the V-jump Festival in 94 reveals that the game was a little bit more similar to Final Fantasy at the time. Especially in terms of the overworld map it had, which is totally different from the one that we know and love today. It&#...

Disaster Day of Crisis Trailer

Even though the story looks cheesy, it sure beats the crap out of this trailer.