Good game alert: Disney Guilty Party


Recently featured on the new and improved Infendo Radio, the fam and I have been playing Disney Guilty Party, which is basically Mario Party + Clue, the board game. Throw in high quality production values, and the $40 party game is something I’m betting most families would enjoy.


  1. Is it better than Wii Party?

  2. I’d say on par with Wii party, maybe slightly better.

  3. I think my neighbor has this. They were talking about how great it is, but I thought they had to be insane. Perhaps I was wrong.

  4. I’m considering buying this but it would be as a single player game and I don’t know how much I can get out of that. Figure that since there’s a story mode there must be at least 5-7 hours in there.

  5. WiiFolder/The BitBlock Josh Thomas has been going on and on about this game… too bad it hasn’t caught on yet.

    I’ve been planning to get this game, but it’s hard juggling between which game for what console to get (own all current systems).

  6. The game is good for the most part. The mini games are the low part of it. They’re just not innovate nor fun.

  7. Love the art direction on this game. If it had some decent single player mode built in, I’d have gotten it day 1.

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