FlingSmash is the new Wii Play (with a meatier game)

After selling an unthinkable 28 million copies of Wii Play, Nintendo is ready to refresh the controller bonus game idea with the release of FlingSmash on Sunday.

You already know about the bundled Wii Remote with “Motion Plus inside.” As for the included game, it’s like a side-scrolling Brickbreaker plus racquetball with a dash of pinball. It’s definitely more lasting than Wii Play. My kids certainly enjoyed it. But the controls don’t feel as accurate as I would expect. And since everyone and their dog already owns four Wii Remotes, I think it’s a hard sale at $50.

So unless you absolutely play a lot of Motion Plus games (Hi, Grand Slam Tennis), are in need of extra remotes, or love Brickbreaker-type games, FlingSmash isn’t worth the cash. Trailer after the break.