Contest: Be the 100th commenter on this post, win FlingSmash for Wii – UPDATE: We have a winner!

UPDATE: The winner is John from Leicester, UK, who gets bonus points for his well-timed delivery. Email us your address, John, and we’ll send the game via carrier pigeon to swinging England. Original post: Want it? Get to commenting! Failure to include your name and town results in forfeiture. Good luck!

FlingSmash is the new Wii Play (with a meatier game)

After selling an unthinkable 28 million copies of Wii Play, Nintendo is ready to refresh the controller bonus game idea with the release of FlingSmash on Sunday. You already know about the bundled Wii Remote with “Motion Plus inside.” As for the included game, it’s like a side-scrolling Brickbreaker plus racquetball with a dash of pinball. It’s definitely more lasting than ...

Completely unsurprising Wiimote with MotionPlus built in outed by GameStop

Wow! What a shock! GameStop, as they are wont to do with new products and kit, has inadvertently outed an all-in-one Wiimote/MotionPlus combo controller with their listing for the sure-fire sleeper hit of the holiday season, FlingSmash. Looks like the new controller is going to be bundled in with this game (and probably many others) sometime in early November. And, since it’s going to inevit...