Super Mario Galaxy 2

Mario Galaxy 2 tops list of most popular Wii rentals last year

According to Gamefly, care of Shack News: Super Mario Galaxy 2 Donkey Kong Country Returns Disney Epic Mickey Metroid: Other M Red Steel 2 Monster Hunter Tri Kirby’s Epic Yarn GoldenEye 007 Wipeout Just Dance 2 Most popular DS rentals were as follows:

Youtube Tuesday – Super Mario Galaxy 2 Short Cuts

[youtube][/youtube] This is a compilation video of all the well known, or known shortcuts and tricks that are possible in Super Mario Galaxy 2. Surprisingly, I learned a trick or two from watching it. It’s a great video and I didn’t even think to do some of the stuff that is in this video. Pretty cool right?

Super Mario Galaxy 2: Better than the original?

It’s nearly official: Super Mario Galaxy 2 will be the Terminator 2: Judgement Day of Super Mario Galaxy titles. What does that mean? Easy. I mean the sequel is looking to go down in history as better than the original. That’s the case in Japan, anyway, where the plucky plumber and his newly discovered and easily spooked dinosaur friend Yoshi have stormed the charts, to the tune of 340...

Super Mario Galaxy 2 not a true sequel

I’m not sure if you guys know this, but I am the underground-know-it-all of the site. I have to be well versed in all types of hacking, modding, homebrew, emulators, programs and everything of the sort. While many of you must be saying “Will, you are coming out and saying your a dirty pirate!?” I am doing nothing of the sort, and I am only saying this to justify my findings. Sinc...

What do you think about Mario Galaxy 2?

So the game has been out approximately 5 Days now, and have received universal praise from various gaming websites. Some even claim it to be better than “the best game ever made“. However, none of that really matters, it’s what you, the readers think. So let’s have an open discussion in the comments below. Tell us your thoughts on the game, and lets discuss its strong point...

What are you playing this weekend?

If not Super Mario Galaxy 2, then what?!

Super Mario Galaxy 2 isn’t as awesome as an all-new Mario, but it’s still an awesome game

[youtube][/youtube] When I fire up a new Mario game, I expect to be wowed by an entirely new experience. Which is why it’s difficult for me to recommend Super Mario Galaxy 2 to anyone seeking all-new digs. I’ve played it. Still haven’t beat it. But I think it’s best described as the most creative expansion pack ever released as a st...

Here’s the TV spot for Super Mario Galaxy 2

[youtube][/youtube] Heavy on CG. This also looks nice. (Thanks, Nick)

Early high praise alert! Super Mario Galaxy 2

[youtube][/youtube] Via Metacritic: Edge Magazine (100%): “Marvel at the pieces, but appreciate the whole. This isn’t a game that redefines the genre: this is one that rolls it up and locks it away.” Game Informer (93%): “Super Mario Galaxy 2 throws something new at you nearly every single level – and with over 240 stars to co...

Trailer: Luigi invades Super Mario Galaxy 2

[youtube][/youtube]I’m not sure how I missed this yesterday, but I did. This one goes out to all you day-laters out there.

Nintendo uploading Mario Galaxy 2 clips to YouTube every other weekday

[youtube][/youtube] Thanks to a tip from Infendo reader Nick, we now know that Nintendo is uploading Mario Galaxy 2 videos on their YouTube channel every other day. The videos are short and cryptic. But they’re freakin’ Super Mario Galaxy 2! And who doesn’t want to see more of that?