Super Mario Galaxy 2 isn’t as awesome as an all-new Mario, but it’s still an awesome game


When I fire up a new Mario game, I expect to be wowed by an entirely new experience. Which is why it’s difficult for me to recommend Super Mario Galaxy 2 to anyone seeking all-new digs. I’ve played it. Still haven’t beat it. But I think it’s best described as the most creative expansion pack ever released as a stand-alone game.

If “gimme more awesomeness” is all you seek, though, Super Mario Galaxy 2 does not disappoint as a very direct sequel to Super Mario Galaxy. In that sense, it’s worth the $50. And the gaming press, which has a tendency to praise repetition as much as innovation, undoubtedly agrees.

This isn’t to say Mario Galaxy 2 doesn’t hold any surprises. It’s just that they’re wearing familiar clothing. Something that doesn’t happen that often in legitimately new Mario games, which might be a letdown to some players. Like me. But probably not the majority of you.


  1. id be happy with buying the exact same game again with two more stars hidden init.
    this game has been given 10/10 in first few reviews. i can not wait. curse you americans getting it before us brits!! =)

  2. I really want this. But funds are short at the moment. For now I get to read reviews and comments praising this game. 🙁

  3. Wow, that IGN review actually made me interested in this game. I was kind of ready to put it off simply because I still haven’t done everything in the first game.

  4. I’ll be getting it on sunday, but sure if i got the time for it. Monster hunter tri owning my life right now. I put eleven hours in the game on the last day i had off 😀

  5. I had no intention of buying this game at all until I read a review that mentioned that demo play (similar to NSMBWii) is included in the game. I will buy it now for that reason alone.

    I have SMG1 and have never gotten close to the half way point. I don’t have enough gaming time to spend it all being frustrated.

    I now look forward to picking this one up.

  6. Finally got around to pre-ordering it up here in Canada. Only a few more days til those north of the 49th parallel will get their collective hands on it!

  7. Day one buy, no questions asked. The universal acclaim only affirms my decision.

  8. Well if this is little more then an expansion pack what would you call COD: WAW / MW2 & Black Ops? Those games have been expanding on the Modern Warfare engine with little to no innovation. I guess it’s another case of holding Nintendo to a higher standard.

    When you look at Mario 1, 2, and 3 they are all very different games. Then we have Super Mario World, a game that expands on the successes of Mario 3. Mario Sunshine expanded on SM64 to limited success, and Super Mario Galaxy, the 3rd 3D mario, took the 3D mario franchise in a new refined direction, like Mario 3 did for the 2D marios. Now with Super Mario Galaxy 2, like with Super Mario World, the winning formula in being expanded and fully fleshed out.

  9. “Shallow thoughts by Jack Handy”


  10. Definitely going to buy this, but I honestly wish Nintendo would spend as much time on games that really deserve it without putting it off on another company.

    Kirby, Donkey Kong, Metroid, Zelda, StarFox and Mario all were the brainchildren of Mr. Miyamoto. I think they should all be given a game with the treatment, attention to detail, and even HALF of the budget of SMG2.

    *patiently waiting for E3*

  11. soo good

  12. Wow . Check out Metacritic’s top Wii games.

    You’ll see Galaxy 1 and Galaxy 2 tied for the top with 97 points.

    Any flaws in G1 is forgivable because it’s trying something new, and for the most part, it worked.

    For G2 to get the same score, it not only has to have fixed any flaws from 2 years ago, but also improved on itself. This has been a pre-order for me for over a month (yay Amazon and $20 gift card), so it’s as close to a “day1” purchase as I’ll get. But based on how well this game is critically, I’m really looking forward to it.

    IGN 10/10
    X-Play 5/5
    Escapist Magazine 5/5 (can’t wait to hear Yahztee’s take on this)

    A total of 8 100%s followed by a 9.7/10 with a low score of 9/10 (may be due to no decimals)

    Simply, wow.

  13. @Marcus — Gunpei Yokoi, brains behind the original Game Boy, was the one who designed the original Metroid.

    But I see your point, he was still an employee of Nintendo.

    Doing a little research before sending this to make sure I was accurate, I found out that he also created the Ultra Hand (I knew it was Nintendo, but didn’t know it was Yokoi).

  14. I’m definitely picking up this game on Sunday. I knew that Nintendo would make a great sequel, but wow so many perfect scores from some big game review sites. (IGN, Gamespot, Giant Bomb). Since 2009 seemed like the year of the Wii casual gamer, I’m hoping that 2010 is the year of the Wii hardcore gamer. 🙂 Here are a few that I’m still looking forward to.

    Wii – Legend Of Zelda (2010), Metroid Other M, Sin & Punishment 2, Xenoblade
    DS – DragonQuestion IX, Golden Sun, Okamiden

    Nintendo 3DS

  15. Hands down, great game! Controlling Yoshi is like a dream! Done really well. The only problem is they still haven’t fixed the not keeping your life count between plays, but meh. Definitely worth the purchase!

  16. Bought it this morning. Fantastic. At first, I was thinking the opening didn’t have the “wow” factor as SMG, but then I saw Bowser and my jaw hit the floor. I like the Starship Mario hubworld much more than part one’s observatory, and Cpt. Lubba’s a great character. The level design–even in the early stages–is incredibly creative and sharply tuned. Yoshi’s never been more fun to ride. The drill is a blast to use. The music’s incredible.

    Already one of my favorite games, ever. Can’t wait to see what lies ahead on the upcoming levels!

  17. Just had to post once more: I finished the first fight with Bowser, and I’m amazed at what this game accomplishes. This is the one of the all-time greatest games I’ve ever played. I enjoyed the first Mario Galaxy, but this one improves everything, eliminates the slow spots, and makes the boss fights far more satisfying and spectacular. Everything in it just keeps getting better and better as it progresses.

  18. After sitting down and playing the game for a good few hours I can honestly say it’s a good game, but it’s not perfect. I think IGN was being generous with the 10.

  19. Don’t fix it if it isn’t broken. A sequel can be better than an all new game if it’s done as well as Galaxy 2 has been done.

  20. ya jugué mario galaxy 2 y tengo 121 star jeje … fin del juego…

  21. I played mario galaxy 2 and I have 121 star hehe … end of the game …

  22. I’m 25 stars in, and this game is great.

  23. TO BLAKO:


    TO BLAKO: Getting 121 stars is not the end of the game :L There are still GREEN stars to collect, bringing your star count to a whopping 242 stars!



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