Super Mario Galaxy 2 isn’t as awesome as an all-new Mario, but it’s still an awesome game


When I fire up a new Mario game, I expect to be wowed by an entirely new experience. Which is why it’s difficult for me to recommend Super Mario Galaxy 2 to anyone seeking all-new digs. I’ve played it. Still haven’t beat it. But I think it’s best described as the most creative expansion pack ever released as a stand-alone game.

If “gimme more awesomeness” is all you seek, though, Super Mario Galaxy 2 does not disappoint as a very direct sequel to Super Mario Galaxy. In that sense, it’s worth the $50. And the gaming press, which has a tendency to praise repetition as much as innovation, undoubtedly agrees.

This isn’t to say Mario Galaxy 2 doesn’t hold any surprises. It’s just that they’re wearing familiar clothing. Something that doesn’t happen that often in legitimately new Mario games, which might be a letdown to some players. Like me. But probably not the majority of you.