Super Mario Galaxy 2 not a true sequel

I’m not sure if you guys know this, but I am the underground-know-it-all of the site. I have to be well versed in all types of hacking, modding, homebrew, emulators, programs and everything of the sort. While many of you must be saying “Will, you are coming out and saying your a dirty pirate!?” I am doing nothing of the sort, and I am only saying this to justify my findings.

Since I have my Wii Modded for homebrew, I use that access to an ISO loader. That rips and stores games, as well as accesses information on the disc that is not normally seen by the likes of normal consumers. Such as the true game identification names and the specific serial codes.

However, all this information about ISO loaders and being a underground-know-it-all wouldn’t be worth posting unless it was to share this one piece of information…

And that is that the disc identification for Super Mario Galaxy 2, isn’t “Super Mario Galaxy 2”. It is actually, Super Mario Galaxy More.

While many of you would think that name shouldn’t matter, it really does matter. It means that Nintendo doesn’t consider Mario Galaxy 2 to be a true sequel to Mario Galaxy, but just additional content. Yet, the overall story and game play reflects nothing of the game being a direct sequel or does it even mention or try to connect to any story of the first game. Super Mario Galaxy 2 is nothing but a contradiction. A contradiction that even Phoenix Wright would shout objection over.


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