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Wii U Hack Allows Users To Play Games Via USB

Wiikey, a group responsible for building Wii hacking devices, has reportedly discovered a way to hack the Wii U, allowing it to play content via the USB port.  Of Course this is not a new idea, as their name implies

Would you buy this version of Portal on DS?

Some homebrewers are just amazing. Take for example what modder Smealum has done on the DS. While his work is still in the early stages (he has been working on his project for six months), what he has done on

Super Mario Galaxy 2 not a true sequel

I’m not sure if you guys know this, but I am the underground-know-it-all of the site. I have to be well versed in all types of hacking, modding, homebrew, emulators, programs and everything of the sort. While many of you

Pelloni (Bob) tells Infendo about hype, SDK

We’ve written a lot about “bob’s game” in the past – covering protests, threats, forfeits, revivals, and zany antics – but never dug beneath the surface of Robert Pelloni’s masquerade of hype.  What exactly has Pelloni been up to?  Reader