Super Mario Galaxy 2: Better than the original?

It’s nearly official: Super Mario Galaxy 2 will be the Terminator 2: Judgement Day of Super Mario Galaxy titles.

What does that mean? Easy. I mean the sequel is looking to go down in history as better than the original.

That’s the case in Japan, anyway, where the plucky plumber and his newly discovered and easily spooked dinosaur friend Yoshi have stormed the charts, to the tune of 340,000 copies in its first three days on sale. That’s better than the original, which only managed 250,585 in its first week on the market, reports Edge Online.

Oh, and Nintendo titles once again dominated the Japanese top 10. The sky is also blue.

Update: Fabio raises an excellent point in the comment section:

There is a key difference that I read (on another gaming site) that is the Wii user base in Japan today is over 18 million, while at the original Galaxy release it was less than 3 million. So I really don’t think it has been that successful, at least proportionally.

Thanks, Fabio, for pointing out this important caveat!