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Rayman trophy revealed for Smash Bros.

Smash Bros. head honcho Masahiro Sakurai revealed earlier today a new Smash trophy on Miiverse. To the surprise of many, the trophy is that of a third party character: Rayman. Not to be confused with an assist trophy, this in-game

Nintendo Post E3 event in London Part 1

This Friday myself and Colin made our way up to Nintendo’s Post E3 press event in London, where we got to play many of their coming games. The event itself was open for 3 hours and the venue was decked

Gamecube Controller Adapter Coming Soon

Nintendo just announced that there will be a Gamecube Controller adapter coming to the Wii U soon. There is no release date or price for the adapter as if right now, but this means you’ll have one more way to

Sakurai: Super Smash Bros. U Won’t Include Characters From Fighting Games

If you were hoping to see someone from Street fighter, Mortal Kombat, or River City Ransom in the new Super Smash Bros., don’t hold your breath.  According to Sakurai, it isn’t going to happen. “The biggest feature we look at

Captain Olimar returns to Smash Bros.

Smash Bros. fans woke up to a slight surprise this morning on the game’s official website when it was revealed that Pikmin mainstay, Captain Olimar, would be making a return to the title’s roster. More than ten images are shown

[Update] Nintendo says no to Smash Bros. live streaming at EVO tournament

[Update] – Nintendo Everything is reporting that Nintendo will now ALLOW for Super Smash Bros. Melee to be live-streamed for the EVO fighting game tournament. [Original Story] Nintendo of America has brought down the ban hammer on their Gamecube million-seller, Super