Unconfirmed photo leak: Super Smash Bros. Universe coming to Wii U


An unverified photo surfaced on the Internet this week, suggesting that the previously announced and upcoming Super Smash Bros. Wii U game will be called Super Smash Bros. Universe and contain non-Nintendo characters. As you can see, the photographed document conforms to Nintendo’s usual fact sheets. As you can also see, it’s in Japanese. Chance the photo is legitimate? Given the circumstances, I’d say 95%. What do you think?


  1. Man, wish I could read Japanese about now.

    Anyway, I would think that it’s not the case. For one, it doesn’t fit the rest of the series (Mêlée / Brawl / …Universe?), and secondly, even if it were right, Nintendo’s the type of company to change it if leaked (assuming it’s as easy as just a name change). Also…I don’t think they’re that far into the game yet…

    Though, it could be a development title.

  2. It is so real.

  3. Aw, that’s cute! Ewe-niverse!

  4. i believe this is real. hoemagahh so cited

  5. I don’t believe it. The name isn’t in a similar style to the last few (has nothing to do with fighting like the words Melee and Brawl), and Nintendo themselves announced they hadn’t started on the game yet.

  6. Hmm…I bet it’s just a temporary name. It’s WAY to early to speculate ANYTHING…not until an official announcement is made. Sure Sakurai’s getting tired of all the attention to something that he said hasn’t even started to think about.

  7. On the off chance that this is real. I would guess that this is more of a development title. It wouldn’t have to have some top secret codename like Sora since it has already been announced.

  8. No Blake, this was confirmed fake through a tweet by Sakurai

  9. I guess people really haven’t heard what Sakurai said then (as the last person said, it was proved fake, sort of):

    I’m currently concentrating on one title, Kid Icarus. Until this wraps up, Smash Bros. will not progress. Of course, characters have not been decided at all.

    Aka, they’re not deciding this stuff yet.

  10. Super Smash Bros. Scuffle

  11. ^ If it was Scuffle, I’d totally be fine with that. It gives a funny little jingle to the name. Could you imagine the wacky characters that would get introduced in that game?

  12. I do and dont beleive it. one, someone could have made that to look 0ike DC Universe and two it very well could be because it is also in Japanese

  13. They shadow and etc will be in it .Roy,mewtwo,and other melee guys