E3 Nintendo Direct set for June 11th

Nintendo of America has announced via their Twitter account that they will be hosting a new E3-centric Nintendo Direct on June 11th. The presentation will commence at 10 AM Eastern and will be available for streaming through Nintendo’s website. Nintendo has previously confirmed that the next iterations in the Mario Kart, Mario 3D, and Smash Bros. franchises will be present in some form during their next Nintendo Direct; however, other announced Wii U and 3DS titles are still under speculation. Will Retro Studios’ long-awaited new project be unveiled, or will a new partnership with a some other third party publisher be announced? These are all questions that will soon be answered at this next Nintendo Direct or, hopefully, at a later event during the week of E3 2013.

What do you hope to see Nintendo pull from underneath their sleeve? Discuss in the comments below.

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