So when’s the Metroid Movie? Other M Trailer

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Better than the real thing

Just some awesome Samus fan art to start the morning off right. I’ve heard this particular picture might be a bit “old” by Internet standards, but I really don’t care. Samus, and the Metroid series for that matter, are ageless. [via Kotaku]

Youtube Tuesday – Stop Motion NES

[youtube][/youtube] Sean sent this video my way a couple of days ago and I’m honestly surprised he didn’t post it. If you haven’t seen it yet… you are sure going to be in for a surprise of what I call nostalgic joy. Side note, anyone readers out there do animation or do stop motion claymation or anything? If you do and have anything...

Ever wonder what a Metroid would look like?

A very dedicated video gamer and artist has drawn a really realistic drawing of a Metroid. The drawing reveals all sorts of muscle tissue and other things that probably wouldn’t be seen in a 3D Model. You can check out Jaime “Kalapusa” Margary drawing on his deviant art page by clicking on his name, or clicking on the read more option below. [Originally seen on Kotaku]

This cutscene-heavy Metroid Other M trailer makes me sad

It’s a good thing Super Mario Galaxy 2’s trailer blew me away by oozing utter FUN when I saw it last week, because all these cutscene-laden, voice acted bits of fluff trickling out of the Team Ninja camp regarding Metroid Other M are really starting to damage my calm. Seriously, who spilled hammy, Final Fantasy angst and cinematics all over my Metroid franchise? Simply awful. No wonder...