Ever wonder what a Metroid would look like?

A very dedicated video gamer and artist has drawn a really realistic drawing of a Metroid. The drawing reveals all sorts of muscle tissue and other things that probably wouldn’t be seen in a 3D Model.

You can check out Jaime “Kalapusa” Margary drawing on his deviant art page by clicking on his name, or clicking on the read more option below. [Originally seen on Kotaku]

4 Responses to Ever wonder what a Metroid would look like?

  1. Rory says:

    very cool, i like the genre of “real-wording” classic video game icons…

  2. Jake says:

    So cool! It reminds me of a deep sea fish.

  3. Ptolemy says:

    Go to the artist’s Deviant Art page, he actually consulted with someone familiar with biology in order to write a really cool description of how the Metroid actually consumes energy. Its almost as good as the artwork. Also, it seems he’s going to be making a sculpture from this. Ace!

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