“The 3D Machine” invades Nintendo Video

One thing I wasn’t expecting from my 3DS was its ability to morph into a little portable film festival with truly outstanding entries. Do not miss this week’s Nintendo Video debut of “The 3D Machine” from Rotterdam’s Ka-Ching Cartoons.

Not only is this the best film to hit the service so far, but it actually has (drum roll) a reason to be in 3D: the plot involves a crazy scientist’s creation of a machine that turns 2D drawings into 3D objects. The action focuses mainly on the Igor-like assistant’s dimwitted misuse of the contraption–very reminiscent of Disney’s Sorcerer’s Apprentice (the Mickey cartoon from Fantasia, not the Nicolas Cage film). The black and white visuals are wonderful, the stylized world is appealing, and the 3D works really well.

This is the reason I love the 3DS and root for its success despite the current skimpy game lineup: even without games, this little wonderbox can produce amazing and magical entertainment experiences available on no other device. Imagine what it could do with a ton of great software to back it up!