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Take a trip down memory lane with retro Nintendo memorabilia

Mmm, memorabilia. More at Wired

EA still struggles on Nintendo consoles

Case in point: Tiger Woods will not be coming to Wii this year. This isn’t the first time EA has discontinued support for Nintendo. In fact, EA has largely had an unproductive relationship with Nintendo since the 16-bit wars, opting

How would you rank Nintendo consoles?

This week, the smart, handsome, and “hang on every word they say” writers of Infendo had an internal discussion about better than expected 3DS reception. In an effort to defend my still estranged relationship with 3DS, I ranked all major

Mario Kart 7 is more Texan than you think!

It’s official: Retro Studios in Austin, Texas is one of the coolest places to work on the planet. Right after Retro had finished Donkey Kong Country Returns, Nintendo enlisted them for the next chapter of Mario Kart. Their involvement reached

How do you like Mario Kart 7’s choice of retro tracks?

Just a few more days until Mario Kart 7 turns your 3DS into a portable Grand Prix of insanity! Of all the games announced this year, this one tops my wish list. I love Mario Kart–every single incarnation. As fans

This Zelda reminiscing will make you smile

Great essay by Game Informer’s Jeff Cork on struggling to find a copy of the Legend of Zelda in 1987.